Class 3: Creating your Set.

Alright, great Third class. For your homework next Monday September 30, have your 7 to 10 Minute Performance set. RELAX, HAVE FUN! Rehearse, journal, write your set out, remember to look at jokes from different perspectives and if there’s someone else in your set; give them a voice:)

We’re going to take a story from your life and write some material for it. This is called, TAGGING. When we take an idea and expand off of it, the stand-up term is called TAGGING. Tagging is the same as building off or expanding off an idea.

Tagging and using it in on a memory or story from your life is different than writing ‘TOPICAL’ jokes about the news. If I play with a news story like a robotic lawn mower, I can QUESTION and Answer the PREMISE within the CIRCLE, ( putting the premise in a circle and then Question and Answer from four different perspectives and come up with a joke like: “You can now buy a Robot Lawn Mower. How much does it cost? If you’re too lazy to get off the couch to mow your lawn, you can own a Lawn Robot for the low low price of, DIABETES!”

Now, if I have a story about lawn work I can drop this joke into my set but what I’m asking is: 1) Locate a moment that really tells us about you. 2) Q and A EACH SENTENCE OF THE STORY and INSERT THE JOKE AFTER EACH SENTENCE. (you’re tagging each sentence. 3) Tape your story with it’s tags and rehearse it for Monday’s class.

EXAMPLE: I was in a Canadian Tire last Spring waiting for my car to get fixed, (TAG, I was having it neutered.) so I decided to jump on some of the Christmas sales and do my Christmas shopping 8 months early.(I’LL TAG THIS) I bought one of those rings you can slip through 18 plastic bags so as to make my wife’s grocery experience more pleasurable. ( I see a tag here for the word RING.) I also got her a New York Jets steering wheel cover (TAG) and get this, a talking Christmas card that when you opened it, played Jingle bells, (TAG) well it would of if the battery didn’t die waiting 9 months to be opened.  I’ll tag this story for class. Please do the same. with your story.

REMEMBER: your set is 1) Your theme based story and your positive energy. 2) Opening Joke, a joke that gets the audience attention. 3) moving into your story, pausing between jokes. 4) Using impressions of others in the story and writing jokes from their perspective. 5) Using one of the AMPLIFIERS in MISDIRECTION to FORESHADOW upcoming jokes. 6) Using CALLBACKS to refer to a previous joke to give our set history. 7) CLOSING JOKE. This is your best joke. This joke makes us memorable.


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