All Comedy Students.

Everyone whom I was blessed enough to have either, in my introductory to humour or my advanced stand up writing class, could you please E mail me your experience. I’m looking for your lightbulb moment, your struggles, your highs and lows ¬†your stories in class, on your grad night and what you’ve learned since in your personal journey exploring your humour.

I’ve been mulling over this book for ten years and now I ‘m writing a short paper back on my experiences as a person comedian and teacher all within the five principles of my classes and years on tour as a stand up. It’s not ¬†going to be academic or clinical. It’s going to be the “life lessons” the real moments that stopped me in my tracks and left me a different person: when I fell off the stage the first time I was on it, the slow painful evolution from shtick to being myself, the struggle to share the stories from my life , being vulnerable and the emotions and energy of the miracle that is humour.

I have a title for this book and an outline. This book is about “US” Our stories together, how we changed, were healed and in turn used humour to heal others. This book isn’t a trick. This book is true blue heart stories. That’s what humour is. Humour to me is the highest part of being. I resonate in purpose and am exactly where I’m supposed to be when I’m giddy.

I’d like to use your name if you’d allow me in the stories of you and I’d be honoured to share in this book. If you don’t want your name used I’ll make an alias, one that while I’m creating will make me pee a little, which is the exact purpose of this book. God bless you I hope to hear from you soon. I hope to have this finished in 6 months. Please E mail your class stories and humour connected experiences to:


  1. Paul Sveen August 25, 2014 5:13 pm 

    Thank you for your kind words!!!

  2. Paul Sveen August 9, 2014 6:29 pm 

    Thank you Kaitly for reading my blog. I’m always trying to up date my info and make sure it’s easy to understand and usable. Thank you again.

  3. Paul Sveen August 9, 2014 6:22 pm 

    I’m getting my information from 30 years of touring and teaching as well as Key Notting stand up comedy. I’m a published author “The Angel’s Claw” 3 plays “Tunnel Vision” Stop Me When I’m Lying” and “What Happened” I’ve been studying humour and the mechanics of writing for decades. I thank you for your kind words and for visiting my web site.

  4. Andrew Flieder August 8, 2014 1:21 pm 

    Google “WordPress”. It’ll be the first hit on any search engine.

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