Where Do Ideas Come From?

I believe I have 5 novels in me, stories with living characters, events and destinies. I’ve written my first book “The Angel’s Claw.” and have begun writing my second.  ( I have characters that I’m three years away from starting on. I feel like they’re waiting for me.) Anyone can do what I did. Writing my first book took 14 years. When I started, I never had a place, person, nada! Now, I have my first book, it’s cover, and it’s out there. The thing is, START!

Whatever’s in your heart, a business, a band, to travel, get a degree, to apologize, to change, to beat an addiction, START! Take the first step. YOU, THE PERSON THAT’S READING THIS.

Only you can do what you have to do, but I can help. Everything I’m writing took action. HEAVY LIFTING. You can either stay where you are or you can build something. That’s what life’s about, doing the work, the “work on the work”
First, ask yourself what you’re emotion is right now! Indifference? apathy? hope? excited? The emotion you have is important. The emotions you’re not aware of ARE PARAMOUNT! Our emotions are what we’re attracting. Start now to change the way you feel. Be it until you believe it. What ever reasons you’re telling yourself you can’t do something it’s not true. Our habits determine our results so re wire you brain to abundance , surrender and miracles!

Everything starts with a single step. Think of a goal, then feel the emotion connected to achieving that goal, then take action, read, learn, try, fall and get back up, cannon ball into your perfect life and do the #*#ing heavy lifting. If you want proof, read my novel “The Angel’s Claw.”


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