How to Write A joke.

This will be a several part series. I’m writing my second book and am swamped. If you have the opportunity, check out my 1st novel “The Angel’s Claw.” It’s on my web site and available on Book Baby.

Writing stand up. First and foremost, when I say joke, I don’t mean shtick, zany or some impulsive word play. I mean art, craft a series of words that are embedded with emotion from your heart. I believe that a joke discovered within us, created by us should not only tell others about us, it should reveal us expose our trues selves, expose our deepest secrets. Our material should also heal us as well as those that hear us. it should tell them “it’s #*#ing ok to be EXACTLY THE WAY WE ARE BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY THE UNIVERSE BULIT ME AND THIS JOKE IS PART OF MY STORY.”

Where we begin. ¬†Choose an idea. In stand up it’s called A PREMISE” but premise is just down town speak for idea . Lets choose one. For some reason, the first word that bubbled into my brain was “Picnic.” Lets start here.

0NE: Share the emotions how you feel about picnics. Get a note pad and scroll down all the emotions you feel about picnics: trouble, elitist, sensual. Keep writing down your emotions.

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