Joke Writing Class 4

I’m having a Stand Up Work shop beginning September 8th in Edmonton. If you’re interested E mail me at       We began with the premise, then the emotions, then began looking at emotions. In the 4th instalment, Id like to look at the Q and A or question and answer exercise.

Draw a circle. Put the premise “picnic” in the middle of the circle. On top the circle write YOUR NAME. This is where all the questions will come from YOUR PERSPECTIVE. On the bottom of the circle, write the person you’re having the picnic with. On other points on the circle, write other possible perspectives.

REMEMBER: What are you trying to attract with your humour? TV, A Club set, Key note, social goals? What ever your goals are, make sure the intent within your humour ALIGNS with the goal. If you want to be dark, dirty, deux machina, the audience gets smaller and smaller. Be yourself, that will attract the audience you’re going to be comfortable with.

START asking questions then simply answer them: What does picnic mean? Does it have to be under a tree, Am i still going on picnics year 10 of a marriage?

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