Graphing Your Set.

Great class Monday everyone. Thank you for working so hard everyone. Take the time to review the homework Blogs and REHEARSE and REWRITE you set and TAPE IT and LISTEN TO IT. Remember your energy, keep it positive. Now, graphing your set is a great way to track your material, what’s working and what needs to be worked on or placed further in your set, or removed. We insert the ‘KEY WORD’ of the first joke we’re tracking and the line to the number count on the vertical line.  ( What this means is, we’ve recorded our set and now we’re listening to it. Count the laughter out loud, “ONE, TWO, THREE , FOUR.” And we put the number next to the key word of the joke, and we make a line from the bottom of the page to where the laughter stopped. We’ll end up with peaks and valleys like a stock.) When we record our set and then play it back, we can track our set then know what changes to make.. After your graph your set you will end up with a series of lines that are peaks and valleys that coordinate with the amount of laughter each joke achieved.

We talked about the value of ‘GRAPHING YOUR SET’ and how to do that. In the ‘LAUGHTER COUNT,’ in the column vertical side of the page, we insert the numbers I’d shown you on Monday. If your opening joke doesn’t get more than 5 seconds of laughter, re write it. Try it 3 to 5 times. If it doesn’t get the five seconds, re write it or write a new opener. 2) Take the three jokes that have the highest tracking count in your set and TAG/rewrite them, put them in the circle( Q and A from different perspective and ask and answer the moments in your theme related story. REMEMBER to ask: what’s at stake, and what am I afraid to say.) re write them jokes from sarcasm then  misdirection and then put them in the set.  You want your set graph to be on a steady climb to your closing joke. 3) Your closing joke should get 10 to 20 seconds of applause and laughter.

POOL: somewhere on the page keep track of how fast you talked, if you said something that you could use for an idea later. Create some action plans you can take to make your set better: being more prepared, rehearsing more or pausing and letting the audience laugh. Keep track of how you felt and what other emotion would be better.

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