Class 2: Opening Jokes.

First, I want to thank everyone in this class for working as hard as you are. I really appreciate everyone for encouraging each other and for doing the hard creative work of journaling three pages a day on anything and everything connected to the class: joke writing, tagging, theme, story, set and more. Thank you for pushing yourselves, You will reap the benefits, I promise.

Second: The HOMEWORK for next class: have a 3 to 5 minute set that’s based on your theme THAT MAKES YOU LAUGH 🙂 I also want three jokes in this set: OPENING, MIDDLE AND CLOSING. ( REMEMBER: don’t talk after the punch line. Let the audience savor your material.)

This is the structure of our set: 1) Theme based personal story. 2) Writing jokes that are created from your story and inserting them into the story. 3) Allowing our energy to be huge, positive, abundant, gracious and limitless, and aligned with where we feel most comfortable and reaching where we’re trying to go with our humor. Remember, if we’re scared, the audience is scared. If we’re laughing, the audience is laughing.

Alright, the OPENING JOKE is our second best joke. This joke is directly connected to our theme. We tell the audience our name, wait for the applause to fade then; WE TELL THEM OUR THEME! After that, we open with the first joke of our set! This joke gets the audience’s attention and tells them who we are right away. Because our SET/STORY is based on our theme. SO: Find the theme based story that makes you laugh and record it and play it back, listen to the story and ask the questions and answer them. Here’s an example:

My set next class will be about going to a WATER SLIDE: (REMEMBER: PREMISE: what’s at stake? PUNCH LINE: what are we afraid to say?

I know the story of the water slide. I lived this day. So I’m going to start with the first moment of my story.

“Have you ever been asked to go to a water slide? (What’s at stake here? I don’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit, I’m an adult, it’s for kids. I could drown? REMEMBER: the more emotion in the premise and punch line, the bigger the response from the audience. Also, we want to keep the material related to our market brand/theme and where we’re going. I’m going to choose ‘drown’ for my premise.

They say drowning is the Worst way to die. Wear a Speedo to the pool, death from embarrassment is way worse. (SARCASM) REMEMBER: sarcasm is the first step in MISDIRECTION. We use misdirection because the audience doesn’t see the punch line coming and we can use this genre to foreshadow the next joke.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    They say drowning is the worst way to die. I can’t swim, it’s been so long, I might drown. There is a worse way to die, show up in a Speedo,  death by embarrassment.

Now I can take one of the three amplifiers: I can’t swim, it’s been so long, I might drown, and use one to FORESHADOW the next joke.( REMEMBER: this is based on an actual story that happened to me.)

I’m not really afraid of dying. I think my Speedo joke proves that point. ( making fun of ourselves endears us with an audience)

REMEMBER: to look at other perspectives in your story to write material. ( my wife, other people at the pool, friends, my conscience.)  Q and A: what do people think of someone in a Speedo? How out of touch am I? Do I not, have any self respect? I think I wore them because the salesman said they were cutting edge trunk technology. (I like the trunk Idea)

The salesman said Speedos were cutting edge. They came in a tiny package. when I showed the box to my wife, she thought I was proposing again.

So have fun, remember to ask and answer questions about your story and then ask what’s at stake and what are you afraid to say? This will create emotion, which will create laughter. REMEMBER: we’re replacing the original sentence of our story with the joke we wrote. Any questions E MAIL PLEASE:

REMEMBER: I’m a nationally touring Corporate Comedian. If you need a Comedian/ Speaker/ or a Humor Workshop for your event please E MAIL me or talk to me in class. See you Monday kids 🙂