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 If you're interested in learning Stand Up Comedy: writing mechanics, theme, story-outline, embedding emotion, tagging, callbacks and more; I'm offering SKYPE classes, one on one. Classes are one hour once a week for 5 weeks. From this class you'll  discover your comedy identity, ( theme/ market brand) build: a 5 to 7 minute set, the ability to create well crafted material that's based in your unique personality and most important, the tools to be relaxed, professional and absolutely be yourself under the lights and thus, attracting your audience and opportunities through the energy of laughter. Classes are $200.00 per student. Any questions: private message me or Email me at:


Paul Sveen's Stand Up Class was voted as one of the top 150 Stories in Canada. Paul will be receiving a medal on Canada Day at Roger's Place.




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Paul Sveen’s next award winning Stand Up Writing Class begins Monday January 27 at Yuk Yuk's Edmonton. To register E mail



Advanced Stand Up Writing Class begins March 16 at Century Casino. To register E mail:


Performing 3 shows at Edmonton Comedy Festival: October 14/16. for info.









Quotes from student’s who’ve taken my Stand Up class.



“Just want to say thank you for the amazing comedy class! You are a very thoughtful, considerate, helpful teacher of high integrity, and the way you work with students and encourage them to move forward is absolutely awesome. It's so inspiring to see you achieve so many great things in your own life - books, awards and lots more - even as you teach others to be the best they can be. Keep up the amazing work of inspiring and teaching others!”




“Hey Paul, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for having such an awesome time, during my experience with your  stand –up comedy course. You are an absolutely amazing instructor, and you were just so  extremely encouraging to all of us . You were so funny and engaging and have such a captivating magnetic personality, that I am going to really miss going to class now. You have an incredibly creative mind, and you continually impressed me each and every week. The one thing that I will take away from this class, was you always saying how the more natural and original you can be, the more the audience will relate to you, I get that now. So thanks for all of your brilliant and clever advise from your life experiences and of course all of your accomplishments, it’s so nice to see how all of your successes haven’t gone to your head. LOL  (Head is the punch word) So I am really glad I took a risk and tried your class I learned so much from you, AND JUST KNOW THAT YOU’RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE ………………..  YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!”




Taking part in Paul Sveen‘s comedy writing class, has left an extreme impact on me. The class is not just learning to write comedy, building on the technique, and creating even a better version of yourself on stage. It is also learning about yourself, digging deeper, finding out who you are , and allowing the audience in ... to get to know you on that stage. & Paul is , and has been “the wind beneath my wings” for years. I continue to take classes he offers because I grow, & learn, and since starting I have succeeded at comedy and have learned about the business of comedy as well. Paul is not just a teacher, but a mentor, and a friend. His stories touch my soul, and his support is like no other. Paul you continue to challenge me and at the same time lift me up when I feel overwhelmed. Thank you is not enough! I Always look forward to working with you and learning from you. I encourage everyone that has ever had this dream on a bucket list to register! A wise man once told me “ You can do it. “ and he was right.



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