Legends Of the Paul Misdirection and we love Kitties.

Alright, thank you everyone for the last class. There is no rush to get to the Four Thirty Class on Tuesdays. Join when you can. I will catch you up to speed when you log in and you can also go over the blog.

Thank you everyone for last weeks effort. The set was ‘something we’d overcome.’ Did everyone recognize the emotions in their jokes? They were gleaned directly from your story. This also reveals the value of creating jokes from your story.

HOME WORK for next class: FIVE MISDIRECTION’S in a story about you that you care about. Here are some tips again on writing misdirection. 1) The steps are: 1) Locate a FRAME/ STORY FROM YOUR LIFE. 2) Locate the meaning and emotion behind the first sentence. Ask a question of the first sentence. 3) Allow the answer to be either over the top sarcasm, from the elephant in the room or from how you really feel. 4) Put the question and the answer( premise and punchline) together- REMEMBER to put the PUNCH WORD at the end of the punchline. 5) Now, you insert three AMPLIFIERS after the premise, these words are attached to the premise so as to take the audience from the punchline and so AMPLIFY the punchline. REMEMBER: we can insert amplifiers that can be used to FORESHADOW the next joke.

EXAMPLE: I have a story of a misunderstanding when I was in elementary school. The crux of the FRAME ( I’ll be sharing next class is; I avoided a school yard fight but managed to confront the bully years later. ( yah, this all happened.) REMEMBER: write pool near the bottom of your page for unrelated ideas. Alright, I’m looking for the INGREDIENTS of my first joke. (how did the fight start, why did I not stand up for myself, why did I face the guy years later? I’m going to choose a sub topic, my dysfunctional childhood.

I wondered why I avoided schoolyard confrontations. It left me unprepared for relationships. (This is the first edit. Yes I said five jokes but we need to write as many as we can before next class, tagging our FRAME, and selecting the top five jokes from the kitty.) See how I used KooKoo’s image to embed her name to foreshadow??? Have I mentioned my National Teaching Award??? ALRIGHT. Now we add the AMPLIFIERS.

“I was wondering if elementary school taught me something, gaunchy pulls, twisted nipples, the, I’m with stupid signs taped to my back. Turns out it prepared me for my first marriage. ”

So,FRAME, search five sentences in your frame for their meaning and emotion. (see if you can use these in your jokes message and using the punchline to carry the emotion. Then, premise, sarcastic answer, amplifiers attached to the premise. Repeat.

REMEMBER to share my class with friends, co workers, on Facebook, Myspace and the imaginary people we’re creating in lock down. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and all of you for supporting each other and for having taken my Stand Up Writing class. Thank you one and all.