March 16 Stand Up Writing Class.

After performing Stand Up through 30 years of corporate shows, clubs, festivals, Television specials and keynotes on the power of humor, as well as teaching my award winning Stand Up Writing class for over 25 years; I’ve come to believe 2 certain truths. 1) Fear pushes away our goals and dreams. 2) Laughter attracts our goals and dreams.

My Stand Up writing class explores the writing mechanics of Comedy, style, genre, the construction of a joke from premise to punchline. How to embed emotion and how to find and develop our own theme and market brand. We’ll cover the construction of a set, beginning, middle and end. We’ll also cover how to develop perspective through the real stories from our life and the people that share our stories.

I am sharing this class through the experience of teaching Stand up for over 25 years, and writing 3 Fringe Plays, and 2 novels. I know the feeling of scarcity and creative fear in performing, writing as well as teaching. What I teach is craft and the ability to tap into our positive creative strengths.

When you take my Stand Up Writing Class you will conquer your creative fears, have the ability to plan and execute Stand Up and humor in social, professional and on print situations. Our best self is the part of us that wants to make a difference, sharing your limitless humor is exactly that. To register please E MAIL ME AT: