Class 5: CALL BACKS.

First, thank you, all of you for being in Paul Sveen’s Stand Up Writing Class. It truly was my honor to have you in my class, the laughs, conversations, the breakthroughs and all the hard work you put in. Thank you. Please share my class, I’d really appreciate it. My next Stand Up Writing Class begins Monday January 27 at Yuk Yuks in Century Casino. If anyone has any questions please E MAIL ME:

Alright: CALLBACKS: A callback is a REFERENCE to a previous joke in your set. This GENRE of STAND UP WRITING, gives your set history. It’s an effective way to allow your set to have layers and depth when we’re performing 7 to 10 minutes. So here’s the sequence of events in using CALLBACKS.

ONE: Chose the STORY FROM YOUR LIFE that reveals your theme that tells us most about you.

TWO: Write out the story and look at each sentence. These are the premises we’ll write material about. (REMEMBER: we’re telling the story the way it happened and using the POINT of each sentence as your PUNCHLINE.

EXAMPLE: I was working on my car to save some cash. It’s a crappy car. I have an airbag but I have to blow it up myself. I spent the whole summer with the windows rolled up pretending I had air conditioning. Didn’t impress anyone but I lost 16 pounds. I still get photo radar tickets. I can’t afford them. When I see a bright light go off in the corner of my eye, I pray I’m having a stroke. I hate photo radar tickets. They come in the mail and for a SPLIT Second they look like a CHECK!To get back at the man, I park on the side of a highway, put on a reflector vest and point my HAIRDRYER (this is where I’m setting up the CALLBACK) at on coming traffic. When the RCMP pull up I say, “doesn’t feel very good does it fella?” Here’s how you know you have crappy car; when you speed up to pass someone, the other car goes faster; no one wants to be passed by a 35 year old Buick that looks like it’s about to catch on fire. Anyway, I was fixing my car; I pulled out the alternator and took it to Canadian Tire and asked if they had one for a 35 year old Buick. He said yes, and then the mechanic asked why I brought my fuel pump? I drove to work the next day and said, “Hey look at that guy holding that hairdryer!!!”

This is a callback that I closed on. Look at your story and choose a part of it you want to make reference to. Keep playing with this it really works. Audiences love them it shows you care about your craft.

Play with CALLBACKS in your set for DECEMBER 17. Remember: 7 to 10 minutes. Best joke at the end. Keep rehearsing and going over your set. Record it and listen to it. Know your set and pause and allow time for laughter. Thank you Again for being in my class. It was my privilege. Please share my link. I can bee booked for Events as a Corporate Stand Up Comedian, KEY NOTE and for my Humor Work Shops.

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