Great last class gentlemen. I’d like to mention, I’m a nationally touring Corporate Comedian and KEYNOTE on the FIVE PRINCIPLES of HUMOR. I can be booked for your Christmas Party, Retreat or Company booster. I’m also a published author. Check out my first novel on my Web Site:

Really looking forward to Monday’s ‘class four.'( Already????) I know a few of you have been away; I’ll be at each class as early as I can and go over your sets, homework and joke writing. I love every class I teach but I’m really connecting to this group. I really appreciate your hard work and love the support you have for each other. We had some great laughs last class and some breakthroughs. Lets keep pushing ourselves, rehearsing, recording our sets and asking and answering premises from different perspectives.

our comedy Grad is Tuesday December 17th. Showtime is 7:30. Doors open at 6:00. Could you please start inviting your friends and family and co workers now; these amazing people will be your audience; so, get the word out. Tickets are only 10$ and at the door. Thank you again for being a part of my Stand Up Writing Class. It’s my honor to be be a part of this group. Alright, remember, ( your set is a story, YOUR STORY. All the material we’re developing in this class is based on the story from your life, the story that you choose.) Also, be aware of your emotions; allow your energy in class to be big, positive!!! 

HOMEWORK FOR CLASS FOUR: Go through your set and add 3 MISDIRECTION jokes or THREE JOKES if you can from another perspective. For the FOURTH CLASS: choose your set you’d like to perform on your Stand Up Performance December 17th. Again, insert THREE MISDIRECTION JOKES and if you want, THREE from ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE. Here is the formula for misdirection; REMEMBER to use your THREE PAGES IN YOUR JOURNAL to work on your set for class on Mondays. ( You can blast through them in 1/2 an hour. It’s a great habit to get into for Stand Up Writing. It’s also a great way to get organized for a speech, to MC, work on a manuscript, novel or screen play. It’s also an excellent way to exercise your creativity.)

1)Choose a STORY/FRAME that broadcasts your THEME. 1) Pick a story/set that REVEALS YOU, tells us about you. ( EXERCISE: try writing some jokes about a random premise, the news, your neighborhood, sports. Then choose a personal story that holds your theme and write some jokes from your story. Ask yourself what the difference is.)

2) look at the FIRST, SECOND and MIDDLE SENTENCE IN YOUR STORY AND THE LAST SENTENCE TO Q and A and then develop with MISDIRECTION. (Start with saying the sentence out loud, ask how you really feel about the sentence, the deep emotion, say it out loud; ask what the elephant in the room is about the sentence, the secret: this is the PUNCHLINE. Then, ask how you FEEL about the punchline. This is the PREMISE! Then add THREE statements that are connected to the premise, things that are at the heart of the premise. Write them out and then say the sentence/  premise, the three comments and the punchline. Keep revising until you’re comfortable with the chunk. 

           Alright, lets get down to MISDIRECTION. First we look at our story: I’m choosing “The Cars I’ve owned.”  and when I share this I’m revealing who I am and that’s what good stories and jokes do, REVEAL. Look at your first sentence: ask what the point is and then what you feel about the point. (REMEMBER the POOL at the bottom of your STAND UP notebook page. I wrote down at the bottom of the page some of the stories of the cars I’ve owned. I find this interesting and will use it. Get in the habit of putting ideas at the bottom of the page under pool; it pays dividends.

OK, start with A STORY. Write down the first sentence of your story. This is THE PREMISE. The first car I drove by myself I totaled. This is the premise and now I’m going to add THREE STATEMENTS THAT ARE CONNECTED TO THE PREMISE.

“The first car I drove I totaled; I was in the country, hit a ditch and slammed into a tree. I did what any 17 year old would do. I parked it back in my parent’s garage.” (Do you see how the THREE statements take our attention from the PUNCH LINE?


First look at a sentence in your story. 1) I decided to clean my car one handful of garbage at a time. 2) What’s something that would be sarcastic? (it would take a million years, I’d be a hundred when my car’s clean? Where I decided to start? YES. Here’s the joke. REMEMBER: these jokes are from your set/ story, so they stay in the story, they’re making the original story funnier.

“I told my wife I was slowly cleaning my car one handful of garbage at a time, it was crammed with coffee-cups, burger-wrappers, windshield wiper containers. When my car was clean it was going to be a surprise on our three-hundredth anniversary.

Keep setting up the premise and then adding three comments that are connected to the premise, this amplifies the punch line. The 3 comments create the misdirection. You can create MISDIRECTION by ASKING and ANSWERING questions about ONE OF YOUR STORIES.

Question: Why did I destroy my dad’s car? Answer: Because my buddies car was a bus pass. NOW, insert three statements that are connected to the premise. Why did I destroy my dad’s car, I didn’t mean to, it was an accident, I’m sorry. Besides, my buddies car was a bus pass. Start with story/frame. Ask and answer questions. The question is the PREMISE. The answer is the PUNCH LINE. Insert THREE STATEMENTS/ AMPLIFIERS after the premise. Talk it out loud, write from another perspective. Keep talking out the original story and continue the MISDIRECTION procedure. Keep at it. You’ll come up with great material.

E-mail me if you have any questions. Have fun and allow yourself to reveal you in your material and make sure your punch lines make a point. 1) Premise. 2) three comments. 3) unexpected punch line. Keep playing with this, the emotion is in your story so the emotions will be in the material you create from your story; the bigger the emotion the bigger the laugh. And remember to journal about your SET, WRITING JOKES. EMOTION and everything you feel about your set. Next class 4: your set is a STORY from your life, 3 jokes from misdirection. Or three jokes from Q AND A. Have fun, stay in your sandbox and remember to share my class, my website and my book PLEASE .