Out Line for class 5 set.

IN THIS BLOG: Club set; Opening joke, 2nd best joke, Closing joke,best joke, running gag, a series of 3 references too one idea,  callbacks, a joke that connects back to a previous joke, and our Frame, the story we insert all these ingredients. I want to thank all of you for being in my Stand Up Writing class again. I absolutely give everything to each and every class I have. I hope you enjoyed my class because I sure enjoyed sharing it. REMEMBER: Your stand up performance is Tuesday June 5th. The doors open at 6:30. Show time is 7:30

Alright here’s the outline for your work/set- for Monday. 1) Look at your set/frame and MAKE SURE YOUR OPENING JOKE IS YOUR SECOND BEST JOKE IN YOUR SET!!! ( If you have a better joke in your set that’s not your closing joke, put that in your opening)

Here’s my set I’m working on and how I tagged it ( worked on each sentence from different perspectives and arrived at my material.) REMEMBER, YOUR FRAME/SET should have your theme, what you want an audience to know about you.

My FRAME/SET is about me falling off the back of my brother’s van when I was 17. I’ve written the story out the way it happened. Here’s the outline.

1) I used to get this line from my dad when I was a juvenile. “Hey idiot. If you’re going to drink, drink at home; you won’t get in trouble, you’ll be safe and I’ll know where you are.” ‘Really,’ I’d think, and maybe after a couple of beers I’ll have the confidence to hit on mom. 2) My smart older brother eventually took me to his drinking spot, a cemetery. He said, “I only go to one graveyard. It’s not as if I’m scouring the obituaries looking for house parties. 3) “Besides,” he said, “if it  makes any difference I tried to get into a cemetery on the west end but it’s always packed.” I  listened to my older brother because he was like this weird sage that questioned everything . Someone would say, “why are you drinking in a cemetery a cemetery’s for the dead.” and he’d say, “yes, but are the dead for the cemetery?” WHAT? (I’ll use this two more times) 4)My brother some of his friends and I hopped into my brother’s crap van and drove to the cemetery. My brother knew nothing about cars. Once he spent hours taking out the fuel pump and dropped it on the service desk at Canadian Tire and said, “I need a new fuel pump.” The guy behind the desk said,”alright, so why did you bring your air-circulator?” My brother said, no, why did my air circulator bring me?” What?  (I’ve used the gag twice so I’ll use it another time and as I rehearse I’ll refine the quotes) I’m ending my set on after my brother brings me home from the hospital after I fell off the back of the van and my dad said, ” so I see you brought home the idiot”, so I’ll have a call back a reference to a single joke. but you see the work that goes into this, rehearse, re write and do it again.

REMEMBER: Put each sentence in a circle and tag/write a joke from 3 or 4 different perspectives, let the first joke be sarcasm and then use amplifiers and turn them into mis direction. Make sure you look for the elephant in the room for each joke and YOU’RE NOT LOOKING FOR THE PUNCHLINE YOU’RE LOOKING FOR YOU!!!