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My Favorite Doughnut Story.

Nernie and I were in a Fundraiser. It was the first one we did together. The organizer asked if I would get some treats for the after party. I thought, why don’t I think outside the box of doughnuts and invent a pastry treat?

Alright. So, I went to a franchisee that sells tasty snacks that sounds like, “Rim Gortuns.” and I bought five hundred Rim Gits and took them home because that’s what inventors do people.

I then, made different flavors of icing, caramel, mint, chocolate, Bavarian Cream and INJECTED the icing into the Rim Gits.

I then, dipped each Numbnut into caramel and then dipped this into crushed peanuts. (yah, I know, what about the people with allergies? Numbnuts were invented before allergies were.)

We brought the Numbnuts to the after party and the stoned people gravitated toward them like moths to a flame.

Personally my favorite doughnuts are Boston Creams but Numbnuts with actual Bavarian cream inside would be heaven.

Anywho. Nernie and I rented a table at a market with a ton of Numbnuts, ten to a bag and sat there all day and didn’t sell any.

I think it’s the name.