Daily Archives: August 30, 2014

Anger, Comedy and Perspective.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a comedy club, a comic’s on stage, going through another horrible life event, screaming  slamming back boiler makers, stammering at the audience about their pain  A break up, sudden death in the family, loss of job,  alcohol poisoning. Yah, I get anger but if we’re talking STAND UP COMEDY and craft, isn’t there a better way to reach your target audience then rage?  The answer is yes.

Break up: This is probably one of the top 5 premises in a STAND UP COMIC’S  arsenal. The break up is almost always from the COMEDIAN’S perspective, man or woman, the COMIC is always talking about the other person, how they did this, they did that, they, they, they!   If we’re not OWNING it and being vulnerable, honest, we’re not allowing our true selves  where the gold is. Here’s some of my ANGRY chunks over the years:1) My ex mother in law had a major in can’t mind her own business degree. 2)Me and my girl friend broke up. Maybe you know her, bitch? 3) A woman’s butt is God’s best creation. Men love a woman’s butt. That’s why we break up so much. We’re happiest when we’re watching her, walk away!

PERSPECTIVE: What about from her point of view?  I bet we weren’t any picnic. And not even the fact that it would make you a better STAND UP COMEDIAN if you took the opposite point of view, the woman’s point of view, but every woman in the club would appreciate it ( if you’re a man on a woman bashing set, you lose the audience. If she’s not laughing, either is her date)  plus the woman that runs the club, the female agents and female festival scouting staff. 

If you’re going though a negative time, stop and feel it, feel the pain BUT NOT JUST YOURS! What’s do the pets think about you, her friends, the neighbours, the sky? The biggest mistake you can make as a STAND UP COMIC is channel anger through your set or worse, go on auto pilot and ship in your material.

BROKEN HEARTS: What are we feeling? What’s the story, your story about the break up but from the other perspectives? When you start exploring other avenues in your pain, the pain turns into incredible craft. This is SHOW BUSINESS and the business will only get better for you when you write STAND UP from another angle then what she did to you. That’s been done. What about what you did?   Yes it takes work. Besides, the audience is leaving their pain at the door , why don’t you?