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Letting Go

I’m sharing a STAND UP COMEDY CLASS from September 8th too October the 8th. ( 5 Mondays, 7;30 to 9:30) I’ll be covering everything you want and more to achieve all your STAND UP GOALS. E MAIL ME:   paulsveen@shaw.ca                                                                                                             Also, check out my recently published novel “THE ANGEL’S CLAW” on my website.

Letting go. I’ve always felt a difference between who I am off stage and who I am on it. Sometimes the difference was a chasm, and what I mean is, being vulnerable and present. It’s really easy to  share STORY and write STAND UP and then hard wire weld the material to my synapse so the material becomes second nature script and soon the material tells itself and I’m the robot sharing it!

I think the moments from our life and the theme and messages within our STORY and JOKES can stay fresh as long as we keep refreshing the material with WHO WE ARE NOW.

I have JOKES  from the REAGAN ADMINISTRATION that I still use occasionally but I’m no longer sharing them the way I wrote them when Madonna was singing “Like a Virgin.” Whether you’re a STAND UP COMEDIAN or a KEY NOTE or simply want to be funny SOCIALLY, ( something that was true 10 years ago is still true now as long as YOU’RE TRUE TO YOURSELF NOW!) For those who don’t believe in evolution, check out these before and after PREMISES!

25 YEARS AGO:  “Me and my girlfriend broke up. I still see her. She’s in my freezer.” 15 YEARS AGO: “If I have one more girl throw a ring back at me I’m going to melt them all down and make a bullet. NOW: “A lot of comics do their wife’s voice on stage. I don’t because this is my time Noreen!”

This isn’t just a case of being vulnerable. It’s also a case of being honest. In the first pair of jokes it was ME and THEM. In the last JOKE I say her name because STAND UP is a relationship and I’m no longer just making it about me. If you really want to QUANTUM LEAP your STAND UP OR SPEECH, consider everyone’s VOICE in the material.  Even if I didn’t give my wife a voice in my joke you still felt the message.

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Emotion, The Jewel Of Humour.

I’m running a Comedy Class beginning September the 8th. E MAIL ME IF YOU’D LIKE TO BE PART OF IT: paulsveen@shaw.ca           Also, check out my recently published novel “THE ANGEL’S CLAW” It’s on MY WEB SITE.

EMOTION: We can take a look at any premise any idea lets pick one: “We all want someone to LOVE.” The first thing we’d do in STAND UP COMEDY WRITING is locate the PUNCH WORDS: WE, WANT, SOMEONE, LOVE. And then simply BRAION STORM OR Q and A thew PUNCH WORDS from all POINTS OF THE CIRCLE  and create statements then mine and develop these statements. 

In going deeper into the EMOTIONS we also go deeper into the PREMISE where the DIAMONDS  are. Just like the PUNCH WORDS we’re going to create statements about the EMOTIONS of LOVE.  Simply begin talking out loud about your experiences about LOVE.

“There’s nothing better then being in LOVE finding LOVE” ( as I wrote this first sentence the notion that we had to WORK at LOVE struck me.” FIRST JOKE: “You’re telling me LOVE’S  like that one SHMUCK who wins the lottery, gets the check and goes back to work?” 

KEERP MINING YOUR EMOTIONS OF LOVE. I’ll meet you back here tomorrow. BUY MY BOOK.