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Humour and Catch Phrases.

I had posted yesterday about locating the PUNCH WORDS in your material before you begin JOKE WRITING. Remember,  we came up with the PREMISE: ( the first time I was on stage I fell off of it) from this we’d taken the words from the PREMISE that jumped out at us, fell, time, stage , first. . . 

Then we took a catch phrase and wrote our first joke. You can also take each PUNCH WORD and write it out, brain storm it for ideas. Lets take TIME.

What are the ideas, catch phrases, statements around STAND UP COMEDY based on TIME?
*How much time do I have to do? ( This is a comedy expression. It means, either, how long do I GET to do, 5 minutes, 10, 45, 60 or how long do I HAVE to do, depending on how new or afraid you are as a comedian.

“How much TIME do I have to do?”  (As soon as I wrote this I thought of ” If you can’t do the TIME don’t do the crime.” All the years I’ve been performing STAND UP COMEDY, I’ve never heard this in a joke. It took me playing with the word to stumble upon it. This is the value of doing the heavy lifting.

“If you can’t do the TIME don’t do the crime.” Lets play with this phrase.  

I couldn’t do the TIME my material was a crime.” This is just the beginning. Lets meet here tomorrow for more TAGS on TIME.

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