Daily Archives: August 9, 2014

You’re Walking On Stage.

I’ve been in many green rooms, hanging out waiting those stressful moments to get on stage.  I’ve done many things to combat fear, drink, smoke pot, non stop neurotic talking, reading, listening to other comics, friends, music, read,  but I think after many years of preparing, these are the best things you can do to be in the zone for your performance. As you’re walking on stage:

1) Be prepared. When I say this I mean, whether your set is ten minutes or an hour, know your material, make sure it’s vulnerable and honest and when you’re on stage, take risks, those moments where we step outside our material and really let the audience know who we are! Make sure your set is a A STORY loaded with well crafted jokes that are born from your LIFE!

2) Don’t take yourself seriously! Yes this is a business but your market brand your GOLD are YOUR SECRETS! Share them! Smile on stage, pause, let them laugh! When they are laughing, breathe it in, feel it ,un plug the robot switch, revel in your ART!

3) Tape your set listen to or watch IT. Put on your head phones and listen to your set before you’re about to go on stage. While you are listening, see other moments from your life that are connected to the set you’re listening to and see if you can edit them into your current set.

4) This is SHOW and BUSINESS. Don’t be drunk, stoned, up tight, angry, un prepared, bitter or anything negative.  search your heart for how you really feel make sure you’re GIDDY IT’S A PRIVILEGE TO BE ON STAGE. People are taking time out of their LIFE to escape bills and heart ache. You have no idea why they need some laughs so bring your “A” GAME ALWAYS. What I recommend  is stop trying to control everything and surrender to the moment. You’re walking in front of an audience not CLIFF DIVING. As you’re walking to the mike, TRUST the UNIVERSE  let go and have faith your set is exactly what it’s supposed to be. . .YOU!