Daily Archives: August 8, 2014

Our Life.

I was just writing a few  pages for my second book when I thought of  DIABLO CODY.  1st, what a great name and what an amazing story she has. She was the out of work exotic dancer in Las Angeles who thought her life was too boring to be a story.  She took action anyway, moved past her doubts and penned the movie JUNO, and won the OSCAR for best screenplay, her 1st screen play!!!

Humour is built on this. Mine your doubts, your fears and heart aches. This is treasure! Our story, your every day putting on your socks and getting yourself out the door is treasure! Yes, every premise has been written but not by YOU!

When I was 16 me and some buddies ended up at a party where we met this tourist from BERLIN GERMANY! He talked with that thick ARNOLD  SCHWARZENEGGER accent. “you guys are fantastic, this is such an amazing drinking extravaganza !” Can you hear the accent? Well, this guy becomes our best beer drinking buddy and he tells us he can get us 10 pounds of pot for half price!  We said ” shut the #*## up!” Our German buddy says ” No, it’s true, it’s fantastic it’s unbelievable!” So our German drinking buddy gets me and my eight stoner friends to drive to a run down apartment. We’re crammed into this little shit car and our buddy with the accent says. “Alright, give me the 5 thousand dollars and I’ll be right back with the incredible stuff.” We, the pot heads, hand him the money and say: “dude, thanks for doing this for us bro!” The German guy walks into the apartment NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Of course, us 8 pot heads sat squeezed into the 1972 Nova until dark. “Don’t worry dudes. I know it’s been 9 hours but he’ll be back.” Years later when I heard Arnold say  the exact same thing “I’ll be back”  in the Terminator I stood up and screamed “NO HE WON’T MAN!”

All of us have comedy gold. We just need to let go and share it.