Daily Archives: August 7, 2014


What’s the point? Why are we here? They say there’s other life out there on other planets, I think there is but we haven’t found it yet.  That means we’re pretty special.  But we don’t really feel special, well, most of us. It’s a daily grind to pay bills and just make it to the week end.  Well, one thing Stand Up Comedy has taught me is ENERGY!

Energy is a magnet! What our energy is, is what we’re attracting. If you want to try an experiment: 1) spend half the day you normally do, what ever that is, just be conscious of what others say around you and the events that unfold. Jot the results on a note pad.

2) Close your eyes and feel, not think “feel” a goal, a DREAM that really brings you HAPPINESS! Now, spend the other half of the day aligned in sync with the energy your dream brings you. Remember, feel your dream as if you’ve accomplished it. Feel your smile, the pride you feel in the hard work of your ACCOMPLISHMENT.  The comedian Louie Anderson gave me this advice. “Be memorable. Make sure that your story, who you are is in your material. So ask yourself, how do you want an audience to remember you?” How do you want to be remembered in what you’ve accomplished through your dreams? The more positive you are in this experiment,  the better the results. E mail me at paulsveen.com                      Tell me about your results.