Daily Archives: August 6, 2014

More Joke Writing.

Alright, I’ve had a little break but I’m back. We’ve gone through several steps of Joke Writing: emotion, premise, Q and A, punch lines, punch words. One of the most important elements of joke writing , the 7th key I’m sharing at my Stand Up work shop at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club in September. If you’re interested, E MAIL ME: paulsveen@shaw.ca

What I’d like to share today, is a little more MIS-DIRECTION. This is where we insert a punch line the audience wasn’t expecting. the way I write mis direction is 1st find a premise. We chose picnics, I’d like to play with movies for a moment. ¬†We begin by writing KEY WORDS from this premise. Simply begin by writing down what ever comes to your mind: pop corn, pop, ushers! Did you get a hit here? I did.

“I’m not a big fan of RAP. In fact, when I see USHER, I’m going to tell him to shut his freakin pie hole and take me to my seat!”