Yes This Really Happened!

Thank you for reading my blog. The fact that you’ve taken the time from your day to read this, is a massive deal to me! I wish you good fortune and a quick journey to the life you dream! In this series I’m attempting to share the lessons of some of the corner-stone moments of my life. First and foremost, at no point in my life have I EVER had a plan, never! I’ve always put myself in places where I was WAY over my head and imploded. I see now, looking back that if I would have latched onto one of the smarter people in the room and did what they did, I might have had better results, no! In every class I was ever in, I was in the back, doodling on a note pad, imagining far away planets or wishing I had a cape!

Everything I did in my early years was to get my dad’s attention. My father was a musician, he played accordion music and was either working, teaching or tired, and otherwise, busy. One day, we had just come back from church and a quick stop at the store, me my brother and four sisters piled out of the station wagon and made a B-line for the park, My mother stopped us and shouted: “everyone grab  a bag of groceries!” I don’t know why, or where it came from but with perfect comic timing, I stopped, turned toward my dad and said, “call of the wild.” A miracle happened! My dad not only smiled he absolutely howled in laughter. As my mother was beating me, I stored the nugget in my small mind; “laughter was how I would get my dad’s attention.” And thus began my addiction to approval!

I never saw the lesson then and really, I wouldn’t see it for another 3 decades but, there are signs moments in our lives that are magic. The moments where our energy levels expand within us and create joy are the moments that reveal our purpose. When we create joy for others as well as ourselves, we then reach a part of our being the moment before we never knew existed. That part of us that radiates this positive energy, IS WHO WE ARE. I’ll expand off this insight in my next blog.

I’ll share my first Stand Up set with you next time. I was 7 and it was in thee front room of the house I still live in. YIKES! Please share your thoughts about my blog and about your light moments on my FACE BOOK PAGE. Thank you for reading this 🙂

I need to share this.

I’ve been in a really hurting place. My sorrow comes from losing my Father in Law Pete and my wife’s indescribable heartbreak. The shock of my father in law, falling from a ladder, being paralyzed and taken off life support, all within a week has literally sucked the life force from our spirits! Everyone grieves differently. I’ve been staggered by this overwhelming loss. Everything seems unimportant, bills, phone calls, conversations, waking up, but I have a choice. The pain of losing someone never goes away and the more I choose to feel, holding Pete’s hand as he passed away the less unbroken I’ll be. I’ve put one foot in front of the other and fought with myself to be present, to find nuggets of joy choosing the possibility of healing over the abyss of sorrow. I’ve chosen to continue to feel the moment no matter how difficult, to feel anger, insecurity, my pain but also immerse myself in all things abundant.

The mirror reflecting back at me within this tragedy is the revelation that I’ve been an expert at not feeling, hiding in food, alcohol, drama, anger, my list is endless. Noreen my amazing wife has had more than her share of hurt as well as you reading this. I’ve had pain but my expertise in avoiding it has only imprisoned me in the pain I was fighting to avoid. I don’t know very much but I do know this; the person I’m capable of being will be found in me feeling and being present. I’ve existed a large chunk of my life using small portions of who I am, rationing myself because I was hiding inside myself while the rest of me, the man I was capable of being, waited. This man, the person I’ve always been reaching for is all the things I’ve been terrified to breathe in and feel, my failures, blame, the things I’ve been unable to forgive, my passions, dreams  and my love. As I feel the loss of my father in law, holding his hand as we played Amazing Grace by Elvis, I’m beginning to remember his laugh, his hugs, the twinkle in his eyes, his love. Pete taught me that my love is who I am. All matters of the heart is how I will continue to navigate our heartbreak and my love, how I will continue to reach for the man I am.

Here’s the link to Metro Colleges Class Blog. They’ll be running an interview I had with them last week about my introduction to Stand Up Comedy Class. Please take a look at the article. It will be up after lunch on April the 7th. And please share the link I would really appreciate it 🙂

CLASS 4: he first thing we’re going to do is write out the FRAME: the story your building your set around. Rehearse your frame. know the story and make sure that your FRAME is based on your THEME, your MARKET BRAND. Your story reveals you to your audience! Make sure each and every point in your FRAME is ANSWERED! Here’s the formula for set mechanics: 1) FRAME 2) Insert opening and closing jokes. ( The opening joke is the second best joke in your set. The closing joke is YOUR BEST JOKE. 3) TAG EVERY POINT IN YOUR FRAME. ( Make sure your energy about your set is positive. What you feel about your set will have as much impact in connecting to your audience as your material) 4) Any material you have that’s connected to your set and theme can be INSERTED into your frame. Any material that you like that has a positive vibe and is connected to your theme you can put in your set.

REHEARSE: Talk your set out loud, tape it, listen to it, do you like where it closes? Put your material into the CIRCLE and Q and A it! Ask what you’re resisting in a premise, what’s the elephant in the room? What’s the emotion embedded in the premise? What are POWER WORDS associated to this emotion? Make sure these KEY WORDS are in your joke. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO OPEN PREMISES. Answer every question in each premise and look at them, is this what you’re trying to say? WE HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IT ISN’T BEFORE WE CAN KNOW WHAT IT IS?

RE WRITE your jokes in misdirection: PREMISE, OPPOSING PUNCHLINE, THREE AMPLIFYING STATEMENTS THAT ARE CONNECTED TO THE PREMISE. The emotion in your premise and the key words attached to the emotion are the spark that causes the explosion. HAVE FUN. Work on your set, then re work it. Show time for TUESDAY April 12 is 7:30 please invite your friends and family!!!

REMEMBER: my novel “The Angel’s Claw.”is available at North Town Indigo: 780-478-1414

I can be seen on YOU TUBE and FACE BOOK.

Class 3: “TAGGING.”

Great 3rd class everyone. Remember we’re developing our THEME in our set. The homework for class 4 is to have a FIVE to SEVEN minute set for next class. I want a SET that’s  based on YOUR THEME!! I want you to use MISDIRECTION as the opening joke, use THREE misdirection’s in the middle and CLOSE with misdirection! I’m going to give you part of my set as an example. My THEME is “I’M AN IDIOT.” I’m going t0 capitalize the jokes I TAGGED FOR MY SET. ( Inserting jokes into a story is called FRAMING.)  my set: I’M A CONTROL FREAK WHEN I’M IN A CAR, I NEED TO BE DRIVING, I NEED TO CHOOSE THE MUSIC, I NEED TO BE THE NAVIGATOR. WHEN MY WIFE IS I DRIVING, I NEED MY DENTAL RECORDS. You can’t call what my wife does, driving. She doesn’t drive she jokey’s for position! She doesn’t care what’s behind her only in front! Her motto is:”I see tail lights on the horizon! I’m going for it!” We were on the freeway and I noticed the police lights pulling me over. I didn’t know how fast I was going because like everything else in my car, my speedometer was broken, but the garbage bag I had taped over the passenger window was flapping like I was going the speed limit. My wife said we were being pulled over by the Police. (CALLBACK) I think she said that I didn’t quite hear her because there was a bag flapping over the passenger window. The Police officers walk over to the car, a male officer on my window, a female officer on the passenger side. THE OFFICER ASKED ME WHY I THOUGHT HE PULLED ME OVER, I THOUGHT, I KNOW THIS ONE, DO I GET A LIFE LINE, CAN I CALL A FRIEND? I SAID, “BECAUSE SHE’S A BAD DRIVER?” and I pointed at my wife. There were 4 people there, guess who didn’t laugh! The officer says we didn’t have our seat belts on and why was I in such a hurry? I tell him I’m a comedian and I was on the way to a show. He said, are you funny, tell me a joke. I said, “WHEN I WAS YOUNG, FOOLISH, IMPRESSIONABLE, I FELL IN LOVE WITH A CYCLOPS AND WROTE A SONG FOR HER, FOR YOUR EYE ONLY!” The officer laughed and said I wasn’t going to get a ticket. The female officer looks at my wife and asks her if she knew a joke? Without batting an eye, my wife says: “I DON’T TOUCH MY FEET, DON’T WASH THEM, MASSAGE THEM, DON’T CLIP MY NAILS, I JUST BUY BIGGER SHOES!” Three of the four people didn’t laugh, guess which one did, the one that got the ticket! So we’re driving a way, I’m thinking I used my humor to get out of a ticket! Just then, my wife throws her ticket at me and says: “THIS IS YOUR CAR, YOU WERE DRIVING, THESE ARE YOUR SEAT BELTS, YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT BUSTER! AND I DON’T ME THE TICKET!” I think that’s what she said, I didn’t quite hear her, the garbage bag. . . .( CLOSED ON A CALLBACK.)

This is a story that describes my THEME, IDIOT! The original story is getting pulled over by the pair of officers and telling him a joke. This really happened. Your THEME stories are easier to FRAME and TAG! REMEMBER: check out my video on my web site, my book and dates. I can be booked for KEY NOTES, WORK SHOPS AND CHRISTMAS PARTIES. My novel “The Angel’s Claw” is available at Indigo North Town. Have fun with your homework, start with the theme, locate a story, allow your energy to be positive and work in your CREATIVE SAND BOX! E mail me if you’re stuck:

Class 2 Advanced Writing.

Thank you everyone for being in my class: Sabrina, Cathy, Clint, Krista, Christine, Brian and Conal. Everything in STAND UP WRITING is energy. We can be stuck in confusion or frustration, fear and doubt. In this class, allow your energy to be surrender. Surrender to the depths of you, Allow wonder and creative discovery to be your fuel. Have fun in sharing your story, adding and developing jokes for your story. * For next week we’re going to have: 5 opening jokes, a joke for the middle of the story and a joke for the end of the story. * We exchanged stories in the class and we’re going to TAG these stories with MISDIRECTION. ( TAG: means developing jokes and a story, add to, it means nurturing, making them better.) * MISDIRECTION: Misdirection is the unseen or unexpected punchline, bait and switch. 1) PREMISE,the idea: My Daughter wants a panda bear. ( FIRST: what are the emotions that come to you in this premise? cute, fuzzy, endangered, pudgy? I like to KNOW WHAT I FEEL ABOUT AN IDEA. The more emotion in a joke the bigger the connection to an audience and the bigger the laugh.) 2) Write down the point that you get out of looking at the feeling of the idea. (REMEMBER: at the bottom of the page you’re working on, write the word POOL and underline it. ANY IDEAS THAT ARE CONNECTED OR UNRELATED, ANY AND ALL IDEAS, JOT DOWN UNDER POOL. they might come in handy later.

* I decided to talk about how Panda’s are from a different time. 3) THE AMPLIFYING STATEMENTS: These are the 3 points we make that are CONNECTED TO THE PREMISE. So the formula is: PREMISE, AMPLIFYING STATEMENTS, PUNCHLINE. Here’s the joke I wrote.

“My daughter love’s Pandas. They’re magical, innocent, cute; Pandas are from a different time, it’s why they only come in white and black!”

We can look at any idea/premise and write out the beginning of the joke, the premise, ask how we feel and have ideas and feelings about the idea bubble up, JOURNAL on the idea and TALK OUT LOUD and come up with ideas for a PUNCHLINE and then insert the 3 STATEMENTS and play with them. REMEMBER: You can purchase my novel “The Angel’s Claw” from my website and INDIGO North Town. YOU can also see me on Face Book and YOU TUBE, You can also bring my WORK SHOP, KEY NOTE and STAND UP to your next event. E MAIL ME:

Advanced Class 1

Thank you again everyone for being in my STAND UP WRITING class. I loved the first class. Some of the jokes and tags received applause breaks from the class. I love that enthusiasm and support. What we’re going to achieve in this class is: learning to mine our theme. ( please run the exercise where you look at your five top stories of your life, your favorite movies, books and jokes and FIND THE PATTERN. What are your lists telling you about you? Find the theme and USE THIS AS THE TEMPLATE FOR YOUR MATERIAL.) We’re going to learn to embed emotion into our material and we’ll achieve this through MISDIRECTION.

1) I’m choosing the story about the time I went sky diving. ( I’m choosing this because it amplifies my theme: IDIOT.) We’re going to be using misdirection : A) Choose a PREMISE/ IDEA. B) Ask yourself what the emotion is in the premise and what you’re resisting in admitting in the premise. This is where the punch line is. Also, make sure the punch line is the opposite of the premise. C) Insert amplifying statements that prop up the premise. This is the bait and switch, these statements take our attention from the punchline. (ALSO: if you don’t use the amplifying statements and just the premise and punchline you have SARCASM.)

EXAMPLE: “Why do we only hear God when we’re near death, plane crashes, Earthquakes, head on collisions? It’s as if God doesn’t care I have a tooth ache.” (What’s something direct opposite of death? Sore tummy, tooth ache, stump my toe….)

Look at the story you chose. Apply misdirection to the OPENING, MIDDLE AND CLOSING parts of your 3/4 minute story. Make sure you use single examples as the amplifying points. Notice my joke, edit, keep it simple.

For next class.: 3/4 minute story, 3 misdirection jokes, make sure your theme is in the set, have a printed copy of your story without the jokes in them. Have fun everyone. Remember, work harder than you think you can. That’s where the jokes are.

Up Coming Events.

I’ll be Skyping my first Stand Up Writing class beginning Monday April 25 at 7:00 PM. If you’re interested in being in this class or would like information about: my Advanced Stand Up Writing Club Class, information on my Novel or booking me for a KEY NOTE, WORKSHOP OR CORPORATE SHOW, E mail me at:

February 17, Grande Prairie Casino

February 19, Niacin Saskatchewan Curling Bonspiel

March 2, Metro College Comedy Grad, Yuk Yuks Edmonton, 7:30 PM

March 3,  Comedy Factory:  8:00 PM A Night Of Laughs: ( Fundraiser for Alberta Cultural Exchange)

March 4, Red Deer Legion. 8:00 PM

March 7, Advanced Writing Class, Yuk Yuks Edmonton. 7:00 PM

March 9, Fort Mcmurray Casino. 8:00 PM

March 11/12 Cranbrook BC, Comedy Lounge

March 29, Advanced Stand Up Writing Grad, Yuk Yuks Comedy Club Edmonton. 7:30 PM

April 9, Volunteer Appreciation Night Edmonton. 8:00 PM

April 23, Beaver Lodge Alberta  Fire Department Talent Contest

April 24, Advanced Stand Up Writing, SKYPE Class. 7:00 PM



You are not alone. March 7 Writing Class.

If you’re reading this, you’re reading because of synchronicity, happenstance or coincidence, what ever the reasons, thank you and it’s no accident! It’s no accident that you happened onto my blog. There are forces around us and within us that nudge at us through the day trying to get our attention, positive, abundant incredible forces. It’s no accident you’re reading this, you needed to be reminded that you’re incredible, a one of and are needed. What you bring to the table of the human banquet can not be replaced or shared or discovered anywhere else in the Universe. Today know that you are a miracle a point of the circle that can only be seen by you. DOUBT! When you read these words do you doubt them? I’ve learned to top feeding this part of myself so can you. The part of you that thinks everything is so far away, impossible, can’t happen- was not part of us when we arrived on this Earthly plane. Humor is fuel and a pathway to re remember our authentic selves. Take your depression, your heartbreak, your fears seriously but not yourself. This is the basis of all my writing, my novels and the classes I teach. My next class begins March 7. If you’re interested in mining the possibles of your true self, begin with discovering the depths of your laugh. E mail me for class details at:

Outline for November 16 Writing Class.

Stand Up Writing, Class Outline.

To register for this class send a transfer of 275.00 to

Once your funds are deposited I’ll send you a writing exercise to give you a pre-class work out.

The out line for my Stand Up Class is as follows:

Class 1: Stand up Writing, tagging.

Class 2: Theme, emotion and premise.

Class 3: Framing, inserting material into our theme.

Class 4: The business of Stand Up.

Class 5 Preparing for a performance.


-Just like listening to an MC as a comedian, It’s important to listen to your class mates when they’re on stage, ask yourself why a certain thing they said connected to you, also, how would you share an idea they had if you wrote it (tagging.) This ability challenges you to see ideas from another perspective.

-Always record your set when you’re on stage so you can listen to it during the week. This is also tagging because you can find ways to improve on the idea. And again, listening is another point on the circle besides writing.

-I ask that while you’re in Stand Up Writing that you journal 3 pages every day if you can. Writing a journal and exploring a premise within 3 pages will have a profound effect on your writing .

-It’s important to go over your set every day. 15 minutes is great. 5 if you’re in a rush. Sharpening your saw and rehearsing your set each day, adding tags and editing older ideas as well as giving the people in your set their own voice and perspective gives your set layers.

-I will have your homework on my blog the next day after class. You can see this at:

-Unless the date changes, December 15in Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club will be the grad night for our class. We’ll be raising money for Highlands Dog Rescue. Tickets are 10$ at the door.

– I’m a nationally touring Comedian. If you’re interested in bringing me or my work shop or my Stand Up to your next event or business, please E mail me at:

– I can be seen on You Tube and Face Book. My Novel “The Angel’s Claw.” Is available through my web site on Book Baby and at Indigo North Town Mall 9450-137 Avenue. I have a book signing October 17 at this location from noon until four PM. If you can make it to the signing I can share more information about the class with you.  If you have any questions about my class, my novel, or booking information, E Mail me please at:

November 16. My next Stand Up writing class.

Everything I share in my Stand Up Writing Class you can apply to your: stand up, public speaking, business, social events and life. The key to my 5 week class is theme! We mine the theme the patterns of your life, your voice, your vein of gold.

Once we begin to locate our themes we then write material from this pattern. We no longer look for the punchline we look for YOU, your theme in the premise. The set we build in my class as well as the lessons build off of your strengths, your theme your vein of gold!

What this achieves is your market brand your Coke! When we locate the stories in your life, the moments that are in your creative DNA, we not only locate who you truly are as well as well as your market brand, in locating your theme, we also locate your confidence, your courage your inspiration and most important, your audience.

In creative matters, voice is everything. It’s what makes us original, dynamic and noticeable. Too often we get lost in the line up everyone else is standing in, everyone chasing the same carrot. I believe each of us should be the creative force that is desired, we’re the carrot, we should be where the line up leads to. Trust your bliss follow it.  My class is where it begins. I hope to see you there.

If you’re interested in being in my next class, E MAIL me at: