Lessons from the perimeter.

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They say insanity is doing the same things over and over and always hoping for different results. I don’t know about you but I have done things the same way forever, they’re called, ‘habits.” Yes I know the quote, ‘our habits are our results.’ But what about the things we keep repeating, the actions and results that are always the same? Diets, jobs, relationships, always reaching but never quite getting where we want? And how much does what others think come to play? I know as a Stand Up Comedian I’ve always had this neediness this addiction to approval and because of that, have made some serious creative mistakes not putting the real me in those moments.

The point I’m getting to is, why do we keep doing the same things and expect different results? Is it there a lesson we’re not seeing even though we keep doing things over and over? The answer is yes. Yes my habits are my results and it isn’t the thing we’re reaching for, it’s not the result we want or even the habit that’s the challenge. I’ve realized over all these years it’s looking at the thing we’re trying to achieve from another perspective!

Look at something you have been trying to achieve, a goal, something you’ve been pining over, it can be anything from getting a degree, writing a book, taking a vacation down route 66, asking for forgiveness. Instead of trying to do what you’ve apparently been unable to do, “TRY”  an action from a complete different perspective on the circle that’s connected to exactly what you’re reaching for.

I’ve always wanted to be the best stand up I can be. So I began teaching it. I was writing jokes and outlines for a class so I began writing Fringe plays and novels. I began looking at different ways to grow by looking and different ways of taking action from other points on the creative circle. When we imagine our perfect life, actualize the life we dream, there’s not just one thing in that picture, there isn’t just the pot at the end of the rainbow. There’s places, loved ones, money, houses, the way you feel. If you’re stuck and have been for a while on a goal or life plan, no matter what it is, if you haven’t started, are going slower than you’d like, take an action from another perspective from the goal you’re working on. The fact that you’re taking action, doing something from another point on your ever expanding circle will loosen the elements that are holding you back and allow you to be a more well rounded person.

They say, the reason we shouldn’t always share our dreams with others because others have stopped believing in their dreams so they don’t want us to believe in ours. And in the end, it’s not even the result,, the place we’re reaching. It’s the person we’re becoming. Reach, never stop painting and being the architect of  your perfect life and if you get stuck, just like changing scenery, going outside and taking a walk in the park and breathing in the fresh air; changing the way we look at a goal or dream or obstacle can absolutely change our results. I know this to be true. Because I stopped worrying about always being in control, terrified about the results and changed my constant fear of failure to simply letting go and letting me joy be my compass. I opened my heart, met my amazing wife Nernie, wrote 2 novels, have a Comedy Now and am teaching stand up comedy. Because I began seeing humor as a way to heal, I have turned my class into helping soldiers with PTSD. I’m in that incredible place because one day, I simply decided to look at things. . . from another possibility.