How I got here.

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It’s odd how I’ve spent so much of my life trying to get better at things, love, Stand Up, Writing, purpose; and as I made mistakes,  sharpened my saw always trying to get better, I realized, time kept slipping away. I guess this is called, the “state of becoming.” I don’t know exactly how to say this but, I’ve been in this state my entire life, always trying to grow and always from ‘within,’ always listening  to my instincts and rarely doing what others did, always from my corner of the sand box. I don’t know why I do things this way, It’s easier to copy and watch and make what others are doing, your own. But it’s as if I have blinders on and I have to keep fighting to grow from within. Being this way is the reason I’ve: put tape over the oil light in one of my cars because I was tired of the light blinking. It’s the reason I jumped off the garage when I was 9 wearing a cape thinking I could fly. It’s the reason I’m always lost in some creative thought and don’t see what’s happening around me. My wife uses these moments to SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME!!! ( once she hid under the stairs with a scary mirror and turned it on when I hit the last step and nearly made me shit my pants. It’s the reason I walked into an advanced calculus class thinking I could do it and five minutes in, slammed my books closed and went and got hammered. It’s the reason I went on stage for the first time all those years ago, unprepared, went in shock and tried to run away. Instead, I face planted into the audience. It’s also the reason I’m about to publish my second novel, have one a national award for teaching Stand Up and have one of the longest running stand up writing classes in Canada!

It’s also the reason I’m about to share my Humor Works Shop with combat veterans with PTSD. As I’ve watched the years pass by, always giving each moment as much as I can and wondering when the ‘Big Break,’ would happen, I realize, it just did. All the years of what I’ve gone through as a person, the set backs, the terror of getting on stage, fighting to become sober and fighting even harder to become a better instructor, Stand Up and person, has lead to this incredible opportunity. I’ll be building a work shop to help Soldiers share their story and work though their PTSD. I’ve always thought humor was a place, a destination something used to jump over the next person in line to get what everyone wants. Turns out it’s always been about healing. The place I’ve been digging at ‘within,’ has been something I never considered until this moment. Humor isn’t about looking for the punch line. It’s about looking for- ourselves.

Working with these soldiers is my big break. Through every can of pop I opened and  splootched in my face, every time I hit a moose while reaching for a coffee cup, the time I thought God was talking to me when I was sky diving and it was the speaker on my harness and god was the dive master guy. All the things that have happened in my story have lead me to my moments, the moments I was supposed to be in so I could sharpen my saw and be prepared for the moments that needed me, like using humor. . . .to heal.

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It’s Christmas Season. If you’re looking for a comedian for your company party, please E mail me at:

Remember those who have given everything for us.