August 28 Class FOUR. Misdirection Perspective.

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Our Comedy grad is Tuesday October 17 at Yuks in The Century Casino: Doors open at 6:30 and Showtime is 7:30. Tickets are 10.00$ only at the door and proceeds got to PTSD Canada. Alright, I know my class is hard and pushes everyone in it. I want to thank everyone who has worked hard in my class. I would really appreciate your feedback of my class. Please E mail me at and tell me how you have found my class so far.

The principles of this class are:A)  identity, theme B) story/ the set C) joke writing for our story/set D) Writing mechanics and genres. REMEMBER: for the home work this week: (FIVE NEW JOKES) a solid opening and closing joke and three in the middle; misdirection if you want and from different points of view of you want.

EXAMPLES: (I’m playing with a story/set, that is about my wife and I getting our dog. (I have the opportunity to write from at least 3 different perspectives here.)

  1. In misdirection we want the punchline to be UNEXPECTED. A joke should reveal us, who we are and that can also be accomplished by allowing other perspectives. We can also use popular quotes and sayings that are connected to our joke: ‘run forest run, you can’t handle the truth, I see dead people.’
  2. My wife rescued a stray, had it groomed, worked on its anger, had it neutered and two years later. . .we were married. (I wanted me to be the stray in the joke that needed rescuing. This joke is from her perspective. I listed amplifiers that have emotion, these take away from the punchline. I began with the question and answer process and found that my wife basically rescued me. REMEMBER, the question is the premise and the answer is the punchline. The amplifiers make it misdirection.
  3. MY PERSPECTIVE: This story is about driving to Saskatoon to get a dog. Yes, really happened. REMEMBER: when we add others to the premise we load the premise by creating opportunity for emotion. EXAMPLE: “My wife wanted to drive to Saskatoon to get a dog. I said, why Saskatoon, why not Red Deer, Saint Albert, Leduc? I mean, I only had to go to Roslyn to get you.”
  4. From the dog’s perspective: As I asked questions about this premise, I found: we don’t rescue dogs, dogs rescue us, and, dogs choose their family from Heaven. ( I like the second one better and will use this in a joke.)
  5. They say puppies choose their homes from Heaven. (What’s the last thing I would say here, what’s the real emotion the elephant in the room in this premise?) I Q and A’d and came up with, our puppy didn’t chose us it chose me. So now the joke looks like this- WE WANT EMOTION. This joke will have more if my wife says the premise: My wife said, “puppies choose their forever homes from Heaven. ( we want amplifiers that support the premise distract from the punchline and IF YOU WANT, can also FORESHADOW the next joke or one to come.) “homes that are stable, loving and nurturing. I said, if that’s true, the puppy didn’t choose us. It chose me.” ‘and we laughed.” (This joke could have her as the one the dog chose our she saying the puppy chose the wrong house.
  6. Premise, punchline add the amplifiers.
  7. Your set for Monday is: OPENING JOKE- second best joke ( YOUR THEME SHOULD BE MENTIONED IN YOUR INTRODUCTION the first minute.) First part of story/set SECOND JOKE, story, THIRD JOKE, story, FOURTH JOKE, story, CLOSING JOKE (best joke)
  8. ADD THE AMPLIFIERS TO THIS JOKE. :Ever heard, we don’t rescue dogs they rescue us? I don’t know, very time I called when my car broke down, not once did Rex pick up.”
  9. Have fun on your set, rehearse, write it out and keep journalling and taping your set and writing new jokes. Use emotion!
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