Take the step the bridge will appear.

   When I first sat down to write my book “The Angel’s Claw.” 14 years ago, I had no idea what the story was not an inkling! All I knew is,  I wanted to write a novel! So I grabbed a note pad and simply began scribbling. I just didn’t restrict myself to any and all ideas or resist any thoughts. I just scratched word after word!

I quickly realized I wasn’t just writing.  I virtually found myself in another place, like I was secret witness to a story!  I wasn’t just writing I was watching events unfold as if I was there hiding in a dark corner.

The first thing I was shown was a rural setting an unkempt acreage and a rusted pile of junk baking in the heat but slowly, the view shifted, moving over a farm yard a grey abandoned 2 story farm house to a small red and silver trailer not far from the pile of junk. I knew there was someone in the trailer and I knew they were evil. I looked inside the trailer, a large naked woman covered in blood rocked back and forth, sobbing. Why?

The answer was in the ancient abandoned farm house in the basement duck taped to a post.