Class 1, Stand-Up Writing. May 27/2015

Before I begin, remember my Novel is in Indigo at Northtown Mall, on the north side of 137 Avenue at 94 street. “The Angel’s Claw.” is next to Stephen King. Also, I’m a nationally touring corporate comedian, to book me for your function, ( company work shops, Christmas parties, Key Notes.) E mail me,            I want to thank everyone who registered for my class: Arya,Perry, Correy and Amit. Thank you again 🙂                                                         We talked about the value of theme in our 1st class. Theme is our market brand, our Pepsie. We looked at our theme by examining  the movies we liked as well as moments from our life. When we did this, we found a pattern. This pattern is the door to our creative foot print.We also looked at the beginnings of writing mechanics: locate the elephant in the premeise as well as locating different persepctives around the circle. Our homework for next Monday is: 1) Look at 10 moments from our life. Look for a pattern in the 10 moments: ( I can’t commit, I’m insecure, I always make a mess. . .) Then, take the ONE moment from the 10 that reveals your pattern the best. 2) Record the moment on your phone or write it out. 3) Put the theme from your 10 moments in the middle of a circle. Put FOUR different persepctives at the top, bottom and sides of the circle. 4) Ask and answer FIVE questions from each perspective. 6) Take your favorite Q and A from each perspective and insert them in the story.                                                                                                       This is called TAGGING (Creating material from material.) The act of inserting material into your theme based story is called FRAMING. I’d like each of you to have 3 to 5 minutes this Monday for the second class, with at least four tags inserted into each of your stories. Remember to journal three pages each day. Don’t show up and throw up. Be prepared for class. Work from your heart. Rehearse, practice, give your humour everything you have in this class. Remember, humour is a relationship, you with the courage to share your authentic self and your audience, with you having the inspired courage to have put in the creative effort to transport your audience through your story, thus taking them from their fears, bruises and their own fears. In this relationship we heal, and we heal our audience as well. Have fun. See you in class.

I’m on You Tube and Face book. My E book “The Angel’s Claw.” can also be purchased from my web site. Click on “My Book.” Any questiions? E mail me: