Local Author Performs Miracle

Local author and comedienne Paul Sveen didn’t just write about a miracle.

Today, he performed one.


You see, today was the day that Paul was on hand at Indigo at Northtown Mall to sign copies of his new book, The Angel’s Claw. Standing proud and tall beside the main entrance with a huge smile on his face, Paul greeted anyone and everyone who came into the popular book store. A charismatic gentleman, with a wide range of knowledge on many different subjects, he was able to hold intelligent conversation with anyone who took the time to stop and talk.

Having 25 books on hand today at Indigos gave Sveen the chance to face the hard-core readers of Edmonton, and the quest was fulfilled. The very last copy on hand was bought by a wonderful couple at 4:35 pm. Signing with a wonderful quote from one of his favorite authors, Sveen graciously thanked the couple with a huge smile, and a request for a photo.

The manager of the Indigos was more than impressed at the sheer volume that Paul was able to sell today. Apparently, she had never before witnessed any local author selling that many books in that short of time. The fact that Sveen could perform this small miracle today will more than likely help pave the road to even bigger and better sales. Paul’s e-mail requests to the Whyte Avenue bookstore have gone unanswered, but given today’s master performance, I believe that the manager will be attempting to contact Paul now, instead of the other way around.

Paul comes from a long life of entertainment. Few know that he was in the band for the late great Stompin’ Tom Conners, and Paul also has built up quite a reputation in the comedy field, playing all over Canada.

Having heard firsthand from folks that have read, or are reading his book, The Angel’s Claw, and how excited that they are in his literary skills, I must urge you to put in your request for Sveen’s book.

He is taking online requests, and also carries copies to any of the comedy shows he stars in. You can find more info about how to contact Paul at his website,  paulsveen.com

The End Isn't Near We're In It!

The End Isn’t Near We’re In It!

Written by Andrew Flieder