Class 3 Quantum Comedy.


Before I begin: if you get the chance, tell  a friend or could you skip down to Indigo North Town on 137 ave and 94 street and pick up a copy of my book: “The Angel’s Claw.” This will drive my book into more stores and the story message will reach more people: (Believe in yourself, trust your heart and you can change the World.)                          I want to thank Sabrina, ( and her friend) Shawna and Patrick for coming out to the Comic Strip on Monday to support me. I really appreciate it.                                                                                                                              Today we’re working on joke writing: SARCASM:

MISDIRECTION, to me, is the most difficult of all genres. It’s the cousin of sarcasm. Lets look at them.  first we choose an idea or PREMISE: “Losing that last TEN pounds.” 1) Locate the truth, the emotion, how you really feel about this. Write that out ON TOP THE PAGE. How we feel really is the PREMISE.

“It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.”  What I’m saying is, it’s the pain, suffering, the regrets, rage that we’re really feeding. The emotions, the truth behind any premise is where the Gold is.

Sarcasm is creating a premise from an emotional truth, and over exaggerating the PUNCHLINE. First we find the jokes. When I first thought of weight, I thought of this:                                                                           1) “Be honest. If we could give our extra 30 pounds to anyone,  Karen Carpenter would still be alive.”                                                                      2) “Christmas Eve he’s Santa. Boxing day, he’s the jerk taking up 2 seats on West Jet.”                                                                                                                3) If I was honest with myself, when I was in a drive through: ‘I’ll have 2, I won’t let anyone get close to me burgers, with extra shame, and a side order of passive aggressive fries.”

The leap from SARCASM to MISDIRECTION is what we’ll investigate in class.