January 26th 2015 Class 1. Emotion.

For starters: my 1st novel “The Angel’s Claw.” will be in the shelves Thursday February 5th at Indigo North side Edmonton. You’ll also be able to order my book through any Chapters or Indigo store across Canada. Thank you, all of you for being in my Stand Up Writing class in Yuk Yuks Edmonton. What a great 1st class. I love and appreciate when students light up when a class begins to warm up and become vulnerable, getting the concept
s that I’m sharing. I have a question to ask you: what do we gain by rationing our creative courage? What do we gain by rationing anything within ourselves, our passion, risk, happiness? Ask yourself this in your journals.
CLASS ONE: Emotion in humor. When we locate the emotion in the story we locate the truth. The first thing we do is locate the emotion and and create a defining statement.
EXAMPLE: My wife has proximity deodorizers strategically placed throughout the house, Autumn meadow, Cinnamon Christmas, all with trip wires set to go off when I’m within fifty feet of them. She booby traps the the bathroom with one. She has my tooth brush set on the edge of the counter, when I reach for it, my tooth brush falls, as I fight to grab it before it disappears behind the toilet, the deodorizer blasts LAVENDER MOONLIGHT into my right eye! It’s happened 16 times. I now wear an eye patch when I brush my teeth.
What’s the emotional mission statement here? ( I came up with: a marriage is like the Borg. Resistance is futile.
1) Look at your set for CLASS 2. Find the emotional truth and create a statement . 2) Put the opening statement and the closing statement ( separately) in the middle of a circle and ask and answer questions from different perspectives on the circle, from the most honest place within yourself.
3) Know the point your making in each sentence of your story.
4) Have your opening and closing jokes make the biggest points of your story. The opening joke gets our attention. The closing joke keeps it.
Journal journal journal. Record the story you’ve selected and listen to it over and over, always asking questions. If you’re confused, ask questions about that and insert them into your story. If you work at this class it will work for you. If you wait, put things off, don’t rehearse, journal and re write you’re allowing old habits to inhibit your new ones, the ones you’re fighting for. Have fun with this. Laugh at yourself and the secrets your mining and cultivating through your creative genius.