My January Comedy Class.

I’m sharing a Stand Up Writing class beginning January 26th. There was a typo in the last post. The class runs 5 Mondays and runs from 7 to 9:30.  When the class is finished, we’ll fill up a comedy club and perform the set we built during the course.                                                                                                                                                                                                               The work will begin with “Story.” Everything we need to build a great set is in OUR story, the moments in our life that shines a light on our authentic self is where we begin the joke writing process. The more we’re willing to share, the bigger the secret we’re willing to explore and share, the bigger the connection we’ll have with an audience.

The real work in stand up is in creating a market brand- theme. We’ll work on them through honesty and  truth. We’ll also work on writing mechanics, opening jokes, closing jokes  (embedding emotion) genre and more.

If you’re interested in building on your humor, creating more opportunity with your humor and laughing while you’re learning, E mail me about class details. Looking forward to seeing you in class.