Class 3 “Inner Child.”

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Alright, class 3: for the next class you’re sharing a 4 minute story about your CHILD HOOD. REMEMBER:  1) Make sure you identify the emotion of your SET and that each sentence in your story MASKES A POINT! Q and A each sentence to make sure you have a point! Also, if there’s ANOTHER PERSON in your story, give them their own VOICE. Bring them to life! THEME. Make sure your theme is in your child hood set:  What is the theme you found from last week’s class.  My theme is: “I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m doing it anyway!” I’m also going to put up some MIS DIRECTION.

REMEMBER:  BE YOURSELF! The premise or CHILD HOOD STORY you share should REVEAL you, tell us something about you. STAND UP COMEDY is about STORY and TRUTH and INSIGHT into YOU! If you’re not telling us about you, being vulnerable, you’re not connecting to your audience! Also, make sure you GET OUR Attention with your OPENING JOKE and leave us wanting more with your CLOSING JOKE.

EXAMPLE:  CHILD HOOD: (The last time I went Halloweening  I was 11 and was beat up for my bag of candy. This will be my set. These are some jokes I developed for that set.)  OPENING JOKE:  1) “I still remember my first Halloween. I was 7. I put on some torn pants, a ripped shirt shredded running shoes, then asked my parents when they were getting a job. (mis direction- premise,  3 contradicting statements, un expected punchline)  TAG 2) When I went door to door, my Dad made me ask for beer money. 3) Halloween. It’s been many years since I walked the streets looking for candy. The last time I did , I ended up in John School.” 4) Don’t get me wrong. My wife and I still roll play. Last Halloween we dressed in our Sunday best went to the Mall and begged for a loan.

* Write out your child hood story and Q and A each sentence.  Find the emotion in each sentence and try and share the emotion when you share your set. JOKES MAKE A POINT! What you’re telling us is THE MESSAGE OF YOUR STORY. What is that? Make sure your jokes tell us about you. AND “HEY!” HAVE FUN!!!!

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