Class Four

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get this up, I’ve had some challenges with the web site and I’ve been on tour as well as teaching but here we are. REMEMBER: I’m a Nationally touring comedian, check out my video on my web site and you tube as well, check out my book “THE ANGEL’S CLAW.” If you’d like me to perform at your function,  STAND-UP, KEY NOTE, WORK SHOP; please E mail me:

FIRST: Write out the STORY of your set AND NOTHING ELSE! Take out everything except the BARE BONES OF THE STORY.  LOOK at your story and DEFINE the EMOTION of each SENTENCE! Read each sentence OUT LOUD and give the sentence the emotion that’s in it when you speak. If it’s SAD, BE #*#ING SAD, EXCITED, angry, doubt, regret, GIVE IT EMOTION. Stop talking like you’re on meds, GIVE YOUR SET SOME LIFE!!!

SECOND. Look at all the jokes you’ve written in my class. WHICH ONES ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? Pick a few and INSERT THEM INTO YOUR STORY, just drop them, ” don’t out think yourself, just put a few in your set, especially jokes that EXPOSE YOU, tell us something about you!

THIRD: RECORD your story WITHOUT THE TAGS ( the inserted jokes) As you’re listening, feel where you could INSERT JOKES. After you’ve listened to your story, INSERT some jokes and listen to it again. ( I’m coming from 30 years of stand up and 20 plus years teaching) TRUST ME and don’t beat your story up. Just trust me PLEASE!!!

FOUR: Take your favourite OPENING jokes and CLOSING jokes and make sure your STORY begins and ends with your favourite jokes!

EXAMPLE STORY: “When people ask me how long I’ve been married I tell them I have a ‘ follow me to the next garage sale sticker on my car’. That’s how long I’ve been married!  I love garage sales. Nothing like sashaying through someone else’s crap with a pocket full of change, high roller, coming through! Plus you can buy things at garage sales you can’t find anywhere else. I bought a new age alarm clock. That’s where when the alarm goes off, it’s something from nature, crashing waves, Sea Gulls. I wake up to an April rain shower. I lay there , the rain slowly nudges me awake, and I piss the bed. The clock seems to work!

(Here’s someTAGS. Where would you INSERT them in this STORY?)

#1 I love clock radios, waking up to music but you have to wake to classic rock not industrial death metal. I don’t want to jump out of bed to some guy screaming ” Satan lives in your rage stab your neighbour, stab, stab, stab!”                                                                                                                       #2 I also don’t want to wake to easy listening. If they play Anne Murray that’s going to put me back to sleep. If they play 5 Anne Murray songs in a row, that could stop my heart and kill me and the last thing I want on my coroner’s report is “death by, Can I have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life.”                                                                                 #3 I love music., old school music. Not a big rap guy. I’m older, what the hell do I know about rap? “I’m a middle age rapper, should be napping but with this prostate, that’s not happening!”

INSERT these jokes into my STORY, change them around, make sure you’re OPENING and CLOSING on the strongest jokes, then DO THE SAME THING TO YOUR STORY/SET!

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(My next class begins JANUARY 26TH) E mail me if you’d like to be in  it and KIDS!!!!! HAVE FUN PLEASE 🙂