Fear and Humour.

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FEAR. We’ve been raised in a culture of FEAR. We’ve been conditioned to be AFRAID each and every moment of our lives. If it’s not the threat of the Russians, it’s the terrorists, or global warming,  a World wide plague, an asteroid. The list is endless.

All of these examples can be used as HUMOUR fodder but the challenge is, everything on this FEAR LIST is OUT THERE, on CNN.

The real POWER IN HUMOUR is born of the FEARS that reside IN YOU. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? The reason your PERSONAL FEARS are more powerful is YOU GIVE THEM POWER!

The FEARS in us are the things that WE’VE ERANED THE RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT because we’ve lived them. So, what are we afraid of: the neighbour’s dog, taxes, heart break, our health, paying the rent, gaining weight, that mole on our ass, the dentist, hitting a pedestrian with our truck, getting a virus from the escalator, being mugged, our team not making the playoffs, the guy’s lawn across the street is better, missing the bus.
Do you see how our personal fears ARE SPECIFIC TO US?  And when we put, (praying there isn’t a finger nail in our pudding against global annihilation) HUMOUR ENSUES