Emotion and STAND UP COMEDY.

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I was just looking at one of the PREMISES we’d been playing with: “The first time I was on a stage I fell off of it.” Remember we’d pulled the PUNCH WORDS out of the premise? Again, PUNCH WORD is the ONE WORD that makes every JOKE work. Think of some of your favourite jokes and the one word that triggers your laugh or smile is the PUCNH WORD.  The PUNCH WORDS we found in our premise were: FIRST, TIME STAGE, FELL but what about the emotions?

The PIUNCH WORDS are the TNT of the JOKE.  The emotions are the crater. Lets look at the emotions of our PREMISE.                                      “The first time I was on stage I fell off of it.” Here’s some of the emotions I’ve come up with. (humiliation, desperation, panic, anger, doubt, self-loathing, regret.)  There are some difficult emotions in my list. We have to remember: “the greater the tragedy the greater the comedy.”

Look at some of these words. Do you have any moments from your life that carry any of these emotions? I know they’re hard to look at but if you do, you’ll discover treasure in COMEDY GOLD.

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