Humour and the TRUTH.

Emotion is the real trick of STAND UP COMEDY. But what the emotion has to be is TRUTH, from your REAL SELF, from your STORY. So how do we go about mining the moments from our life and spin them into COMEDY GOLD.

1) STAND UP COMEDY is a relationship, you and the audience. We have to create material that gets the audience to LAUGH but also to think “I LIKE THIS PERSON.” This is the business of the show, it’s not selling out, you’re not a hack if you’re actually working on your craft. We want the audience laughing, not just the six comedian friends in the back of the club.                                                                                                             2) LOCATE the EMOTIONS and TRUTH of the PREMISE.                        3) Simply begin by being brutally HONEST, creating statements around the PREMISE!

Remember this PREMISE: “The first time I was on stage I fell off of it?”

This is a comment about my life something that actually happened but if we look from other points of view we begin to discover statements (WHICH BECOME PUNCHLINES) all around the premise. We can look at the truth about STAND UP COMEDY. And what are the emotions and truth about STAND UP? Simply Write out how you feel, be honest: “It’s the toughest career in the World, I’d rather die then speak in public, I can’t tell a joke, I can’t remember a joke. I don’t think I’m funny,  it’s tough to get discovered.” (All of these ideas sound desperate and cynical but these are GOLD MINES OF EMOTION!
* When I thought of the last statement, an idea hit me with the word “DISCOVERED.”  (I thought of Columbus discovering a continent and trying to put that idea together with being discovered as a comedian and came up with:) 

“Everyone’s a comedian. When Columbus first saw the natives  on the shore he shouted,  which one of you has my check?”

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