More Joke Writing. FRAMING. Class 3, 2015

We’re in a fast food quick blurry get to the point World. If you want your material, whether you’re a STAND UP COMEDIAN,  PUBLIC SPEAKER, SALES,  BUSINESS PERSON, TEACHER, what ever reasons you want to hone your HUMOUR SKILLS remember this:
1) Care about what your talking about. 2) Know the emotion of the story. 3) Know the point. 4) EDIT. GET TO THE POINT. Look at the premise, I fell off the stage: FALLING OFF THE STAGE. (We get our material from our story the moments we’ve lived and we harvest material from these moments, THEN INSERT THE TAGS BACK INTO THE ORIGINAL STORY. I CALL THIS  FRAMING.

My first time on stage I fell off it. I’ll repeat that. The first time I was on stage I fell off it! I was the funny guy at parties, the loud obnoxious goombah starving for attention, the guy that knew a lot of jokes but nothing about honesty vulnerability or being myself. A comedy club opened and my drinking buddies coerced me to get up on stage and do what I did which was: hide behind copious amounts of beer and recite decades old jokes. The MC called my name. I remember stumbling to the microphone as if I was about to be executed, which, thinking back, was ironic because this experience killed the guy I used to be. I walked up on stage, stared into the lights and imploded. I forgot who I was and where I was. I mumbled something about having to leave and stepped where I thought the steps were. I walked off the edge of the stage onto a table. The table collapsed and the drinks of the 10 or so people around the table exploded on top of me. Up to this moment, this was thee single most humiliating experience of my life. I’ve had others, which I’ll share. Being humiliated taught me: *There’s a difference between being laughed AT and laughed WITH. The inability to be vulnerable attracted this life lesson. One pinnacle element of creativity and purpose I’ve learned from 30 years of experience performing stand up in comedy clubs, festivals, concerts, auditoriums giving key notes for corporations, sharing humor work shops in colleges and in clubs, performing one man plays, writing plays a novel, is the ENERGY and EMOTION we emit is what we get BACK!

While I was tagging this I came up with: “If you want people falling off their chairs laughing, fall off the stage!” (I could insert this into my original story or FRAME.  The best way to write jokes is to locate the PUNCH WORDS FIRST. We did this with a PREMISE. Look at the POINT of the sentences in your story and see how many more different PUNCH WORDS you can come up with when we’re going over the story! (PUNCH WORD- the most important word in the joke or sentence.)

I want to look at being honest and vulnerable. This is another place on the circle instead of coming from trauma, humiliation and regret, which by the way, are still gold mines.

Look at a moment from your life and write out all the HONEST VULNERABLE thoughts you come up with. Remember how we mined PUNCH WORDS? Lets mine the PUNCH WORDS from the EMOTIONS ATTACHED TO THE STORY!

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