We have a choice.

Nothing I’ve done, writing my novel “The Angel’s Claw” my national stand up Special “Comedy Now, comedy festivals, my humour work shops or my Stand Up,  has ever benefited  from desperation. It’s not easy to be inspired, passionate , weeping over the keys all the time but positive  emotions are eons better then negative ones, especially when it comes to creativity.

I’m not a religious person but I believe there’s a higher self and lower self in each of us. Each of us has that negative lower voice that keeps us stuck, that voice that whispers, we’re too old, it’s too late, we’re not talented, it’s been done. The problem is, the voice becomes our habits, habits become results and results become our life. Not only that, our results become what we attract, our opportunities, friendships, the doors we open, or in the lower voice’s case, the doors we close. Lower self characteristics are: anger, procrastination, doubt, regret, blame, defending attacking, panic, suffering. The results if there are any, are shadows of what they could be.

Higher self. When you read this, are you thinking “higher self” as in, wasted, stoned, high?” Sure we are, it’s the 1st thing we thought. Why? Because it’s second nature to belittle ourselves. It keeps us stuck, safe on the sidelines. But it’s better to make a mess then to do nothing. It’s better to write your book, song, go back to school then to stay stuck. With your higher self, the results are always in the being, the unfolding, always developing. Once you begin listening and trusting your higher self, your intuition, joy, bliss, your results in everything become exponential. Achievement and results become effortless. Your higher self is who you truly are. You’re not who you could have been should have been. You’re who you’re supposed to be when you’re HAPPIEST and that’s alive in infinite joy. Give to yourself, trust in you, envision your goal and simply let go and trust your happiness. As you take any and all actions through your authentic self, you’ll attract the information, books, conversations, events that will move you forward toward your goals and results. Characteristics of Higher self: kindness, smiling, laughter, forgiving, abundance, synchronicity, coincidence, knowledge. What you dream is as close as letting go and letting you, your authentic self to simply dance.

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