Punch Words.

Lets look at a premise and remember: a PREMISE is just another word for idea. Premise is the theme of a joke. I’m going to look at the premise: “The first time I was on stage I fell off of it.”

This really happened. I panicked a few seconds into my first time on stage I decided to get the hell off and stepped where I thought the steps were but instead, walked off the edge of the stage onto a table. The table collapsed and all the drinks fell on me. I got up and sprinted out an exit and barricaded myself in my room for 3 days. Years later, a combat troop said I had the same symptoms as a soldier with post traumatic stress. Really, being humiliated and crushed has the same effects as being shot at?  Turns out there’s  a PTS that’s triggered by saying ” Big hand for the MC, great looking crowd, nice to be here, have you ever noticed”. . .                                                                                       Anyway, we’re looking at joke mechanics. If we can find the PUNCH WORD before we start writing the joke it’s a miracle.

We begin by putting the story into a single sentence:
“The first time I was on stage I fell off of it.”
What are the words that get your attention?                                                           (First, time,stage, fell)  Look at these words think about them, we’ve just located the PUNCH WORDS for our material. Tomorrow we’ll start building jokes around them.

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