Why Build A House Of Cards?

The challenge of life is to have direction, to build on solid ideas and intentions, being careful not to settle for a house of cards. Purpose, all of us want to feel as if we have purpose  that we matter and that we’re not moving rudderless on the sea of our life, lost, without hope. One of the greatest “lightbulb” moments of my life was to discover the unconscious emotions that bubbled unobserved beneath my awareness.

I was always self destructing , always angry, alone  making the same mistakes over and over. When I became sober 15 years ago ( I did this to write my 1st Novel The Angel’s Claw.) When I became clear headed, I slowly began to realize I HAD TO BE RIGHT ALL THE TIME. There was this need for me to control everything in my life the more I looked at this the more I realized I was angry but why?

Anger is undiscovered FEAR. Fear is defending EGO and ego is DEATH. I don’t have all the answers but I know this:

“What we feel, our emotions, blame, doubt, suffering, is what we attract and build our house of  cards on. if you want to change your life change the way you feel ESPECIALLY when you’re not aware of what you feel.!To align your emotions with the life you  VISUALIZE and crave- begin saying these words to yourself over and over until they become your unobserved emotions: FORGIVENESS, ABUNDANCE, GRATITUDE, MIRACLES. Say them over and over, add some more, SERENITY, GRACE, BLISS.  While you’re saying these positive words, feel and visualize your goals and dreams so your dreams become LINKED to these infinite positive emotions. You will slowly begin to attract events and situations that are aligned with your dreams. Also: Put an elastic band on your wrist. each time you have a negative thought, pull it so it SNAPS!  This will break your negative thought habits.

You have purpose, you have unlimited talent and ability. These treasures are released and attracted like a bee to flowers  when you begin being KIND to yourself and others. When you begin to see results with positive emotions, share this blog with your friends so they also can build their dreams on rock.