Game Changers.

I’ve been playing with an idea, ” who the hell was that angry teenager I used to be?” By the way, I was that kid into my mid 30’s, even later, but at least later I was aware of the asshole I had parasitically leaching off my consciences.

When I look at a premise I like to identify the emotions first. I think being a self centred directionless neophyte the emotions are: pity, blame and immaturity.

Then I’d like to get a hold of the premise by making statements about it, especially in the context of the frame or story I gleaned the chunk from. I think the game changer is, instead of simply commenting on the premise, “summarize” the premise!

When I sit down and begin looking at who I was, for the first time I take owner ship of not only the kid I used to be but also tag the premise from a whole new perspective.

Before , like every kid I blamed my parents, mostly my dad because he was a musician trying to pay the bills playing the accordion, my mom a little but not much, she was working three jobs so I didn’t really see her a lot, my dad either come to think of it.

I saw my friends, the ones I haven’t seen in a life time and smoke pot get hammered and bitch about my parents. And it’s funny, “the teenagers that bitch the most about adults are the ones that are furthest away from being one.”