My next Writing class.

I want to thank Ashley at Yuk’s Edmonton for making my last stand up writing class happen! This was an extraordinary venue, great stage, seats, sound system, awesome all around!

I also want to thank everyone in my class for your creative courage and work ethic to journal, write for others in the class and continually take risks to expand your comfort zone.

Brandon, you are already a great stand up comic, your style, your mechanics your courage. Keep being you, keep taking risks and be humble and don’t let the business make you cynical.

Lyla, I love your effortless personality. Nothing stops you, you’re fearless and you have a passion for humour because of what humour does, it heals. That’s what you do Lyla, heal us with your story.

Clint. Thank you for again taking my class and working as hard as you do. You’re a student of comedy, you’re driven to be the best you can be, always, and each time I hear you, you prove your passion.

Ryan. I applaud you Ryan for allowing me to share what I know about humour, writing, and vulnerability. I was blown away by your performance at Yuks. You and I have similar back grounds in dysfunction , and you week by week slowly allowed who you really were to be your performance.

Audrey. You fought for you Audrey. This was an advanced comedy class and you didn’t flinch. You had an idea what you wanted to do in my class but instead, allowed me to teach my class and share honesty , voice, commitment, story, joke mechanics and framing. You were amazing Audrey, you absolutely destroyed on your first time on stage.

I’m proud of all of you! If anyone is interested in my next writing class or have questions about my recently released novel, “The Angel’s Claw.” E mail me at:


  1. Paul Sveen July 28, 2014 6:17 am 

    Thank you Reagan. I’m trying to write several blogs a week, I hope they can help in any way.
    Paul Sveen.

  2. Paul Sveen July 27, 2014 4:54 pm 

    I’ve been performing and teaching stand up comedy for twenty five plus years. I’ve learnt that we’re beings of energy. What we give is what we get back. Choose your emotions to be positive, align them with your goals dreams and purpose and you attract miracles. Check out my novel on my web site if you get a chance please and thank you for your kind words and support Laverne!!!!

  3. Paul Sveen July 26, 2014 11:29 am 

    Thank you, but I’d rather have students find me. I teach 8 times a year and it’s exhausting. Thank you though and I will keep it in mind 🙂

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