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Closing Jokes. Class 3.

Thank you, all of you in my class for working as hard as you are. This is show business. The business is everything you do until the moment you speak into the microphone. Everything after that is the show.  Our CLOSING JOKES make you MEMORABLE.  Closing jokes can be based in a few things but they have to be ABOVE ALL- YOUR BEST JOKE!

Closing jokes are founded in our THEME, the point of your story. My theme is IDIOT and my story is FIGHTING MY DAD. My closing joke 1) can be based on the actual ending of my story. 2) I can find what I feel is the BEST JOKE in my set and move it to the end. 3) I can WRITE A NEW CLOSING JOKE.

The best vehicle for carrying the energy and emotion of a closing joke is SARCASM: ( over the top exaggeration.) MISDIRECTION:         ( The unexpected punchline.) Here’s an example of MISDIRECTION and how to write it.

1) Write out the ending of your story, the actual sentence. This the ending of my FRAME: “I was 15. I didn’t know how to fight. As my dad was swinging, I wrapped my legs around one of his giant legs, held onto his gut and pissed onto his hip.” What’s the emotion here? What’s the elephant in the room? My dad was angry! Here’s the formula, the 3 components  for MISDIRECTION: PREMISE based on the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.  Amplifying statements that take the audience away from the PUNCHLINE. The unexpected PUNCHLINE. As you learn this genre, don’t throw anything away. If you have a joke or premise you don’t like, INSERT IT UNDER POOL.

Here’s a joke I came up with: ” I was a typical self absorbed teenager. I knew when Van halen was in town, where I could get acid, the keg party I was going to when I skipped school, weird I never saw the beating from my dad.”

I can play with this joke. It will fit perfectly in my story. I’ll keep tagging it. Have fun, work at this. We’ll go over it in class on Monday.

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