Daily Archives: February 25, 2015

The Elephant In The Room

The title of this blog relates to the thing no one wants to talk about, the secret, the obvious unspoken: the elephant in the room. This is the first place you should look when hunting a premise: what’s the real thing I’m afraid to say? The truth.
I’ve been blogging a little less lately because I’ve been promoting my first novel “The Angel’s Claw.” My first run sold out in 6 days, I’m so proud of finishing the novel and all that goes into getting The Angel’s Claw, out there.
It took a lot of work to write my Novel and it takes work to blog, to put together a writing class, to prepare for my corporate shows, to keep sharpening my saw.
There’s also the recent hack of my blog. A woman in Arizona bilked one of my students out of some money by pretending to being a Micro soft employee. Who ever you are, know that you are the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM in this blog. You’re like any other misguided EGO based person. As I write this, I’m indifferent to what you’ve attracted because of your actions. As I write this I’m aware of the reasons why you stole money from an innocent person, you’re an alcoholic, an addict, you were screamed at as a kid, what ever your reasons, know that I surrender to your selfishness, I don’t resist your pain and all the reasons you chose to attack a person who only wanted to explore her creativity. Elephant in the room, you’re only harming yourself. Your penance will be a life of suffering that you’re probably going to be unconscious of, for your life is a forest that you no longer see, exactly where an elephant in the room should be.
As for my student, she had a break through last class. She’s growing in her craft and joy. The Universe encourages her, the same as it encourages the woman in Arizona, only, one of you gets this, the other is lost in her bottomless jungle.
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