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The Elephant In The Room

The title of this blog relates to the thing no one wants to talk about, the secret, the obvious unspoken: the elephant in the room. This is the first place you should look when hunting a premise: what’s the real thing I’m afraid to say? The truth.
I’ve been blogging a little less lately because I’ve been promoting my first novel “The Angel’s Claw.” My first run sold out in 6 days, I’m so proud of finishing the novel and all that goes into getting The Angel’s Claw, out there.
It took a lot of work to write my Novel and it takes work to blog, to put together a writing class, to prepare for my corporate shows, to keep sharpening my saw.
There’s also the recent hack of my blog. A woman in Arizona bilked one of my students out of some money by pretending to being a Micro soft employee. Who ever you are, know that you are the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM in this blog. You’re like any other misguided EGO based person. As I write this, I’m indifferent to what you’ve attracted because of your actions. As I write this I’m aware of the reasons why you stole money from an innocent person, you’re an alcoholic, an addict, you were screamed at as a kid, what ever your reasons, know that I surrender to your selfishness, I don’t resist your pain and all the reasons you chose to attack a person who only wanted to explore her creativity. Elephant in the room, you’re only harming yourself. Your penance will be a life of suffering that you’re probably going to be unconscious of, for your life is a forest that you no longer see, exactly where an elephant in the room should be.
As for my student, she had a break through last class. She’s growing in her craft and joy. The Universe encourages her, the same as it encourages the woman in Arizona, only, one of you gets this, the other is lost in her bottomless jungle.
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Class 3 Quantum Comedy.


Before I begin: if you get the chance, tell  a friend or could you skip down to Indigo North Town on 137 ave and 94 street and pick up a copy of my book: “The Angel’s Claw.” This will drive my book into more stores and the story message will reach more people: (Believe in yourself, trust your heart and you can change the World.)                          I want to thank Sabrina, ( and her friend) Shawna and Patrick for coming out to the Comic Strip on Monday to support me. I really appreciate it.                                                                                                                              Today we’re working on joke writing: SARCASM:

MISDIRECTION, to me, is the most difficult of all genres. It’s the cousin of sarcasm. Lets look at them.  first we choose an idea or PREMISE: “Losing that last TEN pounds.” 1) Locate the truth, the emotion, how you really feel about this. Write that out ON TOP THE PAGE. How we feel really is the PREMISE.

“It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.”  What I’m saying is, it’s the pain, suffering, the regrets, rage that we’re really feeding. The emotions, the truth behind any premise is where the Gold is.

Sarcasm is creating a premise from an emotional truth, and over exaggerating the PUNCHLINE. First we find the jokes. When I first thought of weight, I thought of this:                                                                           1) “Be honest. If we could give our extra 30 pounds to anyone,  Karen Carpenter would still be alive.”                                                                      2) “Christmas Eve he’s Santa. Boxing day, he’s the jerk taking up 2 seats on West Jet.”                                                                                                                3) If I was honest with myself, when I was in a drive through: ‘I’ll have 2, I won’t let anyone get close to me burgers, with extra shame, and a side order of passive aggressive fries.”

The leap from SARCASM to MISDIRECTION is what we’ll investigate in class.


The Angel’s Claw book is in print, and in store!

Come One, Come All!

Paul At Chapters/Indigo

Paul At Chapters/Indigo

Paul’s book is now in paperback format, and is available for sale both directly from Paul, and at the North Edmonton Chapers/Indigo store, located on the north side of 137 Avenue, just east of 97 Street.

Paul Sends a big “THANK YOU!!” to Jeremy and Richard for sending in pics of them picking up the book!

Paul will also be doing a  book signing at the same location, on March 21st! Watch for details here!

Richard Bentley At Chapters/Indigo

Richard Bentley At Chapters/Indigo

Jeremy Tremblay At Chapters/Indigo

Jeremy Tremblay At Chapters/Indigo


Thank you for all of your support in getting Paul’s book to print!


Class 2 Quantum Comedy Class.

Alright, ( We’re meeting at The Comic Strip @ West Edmonton Mall on Monday @ 7. I’ll have copies of my Novel. E MAIL ME if you want one please. I’m working on having our class on Wednesday next week and the week after the long week end.) Back to business, off the top, I want to thank all of you for working as hard as you have been. The results you’re looking for are approaching you at the speed of your certainty. Close your eyes and visualize the results you desire. Keep seeing them, know them and now, work for them, record your rehearsals, journal, write out your story and look AT THE KEY WORDS in each sentence and ask the vulnerable questions, explore your secrets attached to the key words.
1) Choose a 4 to 5 minute story where you’re vulnerable. Locate the emotional truth of your story and write that on top the page. Let it be the compass of your writing. ( These stories carry our personality signature, they reveal us, they also create our market brand.)
2) Look at the key words in each sentence, and locate the emotion and truth of the word. ( I’ll give an example.)
3) Create a TAG for each sentence. ( Write a JOKE that’s created out of the sentence.)
4) Make sure your OPENING and CLOSING jokes are the ones you like the most.)
5) Remember to write POOL near the bottom of the page. Any ideas, fragments, story ideas, tags, anything that gets you’re attention, write it down under POOL. You may be able to use these ideas now or later.
EXAMPLE: ‘Emotionally, alcoholics are the same age the day they began drinking as the day they quit.”
(I like this premise because it has EMOTION and emotion is the fuel of comedy writing. Now, look at all the KEY WORDS in this sentence: EMOTIONALLY, ALCOHOLICS, SAME, AGE, DAY,BEGAN, DRINKING, QUIT)
Right away I have something for my POOL. I can change ALCOHOLIC FOR ADDICTION. This way, I can mine other emotional veins.
1) Choose the key word that connects to you in your premise. I’m starting with EMOTIONALLY.
(The reason we get stuck or writer’s block is because we’re coming from OUR PERSPECTIVE. REMEMBER: record your premise, listen to it, put it in a circle and write names, other people, a pet, God, anything that isn’t you and ask the vulnerable questions from their perspective. )
* I’m asking, what are the implications of being stuck emotionally? The world grows around them as they stay the same, it’s why middle aged men date 20 somethings, what would a 40 something like if he was emotionally 15?
I have an idea! They bubble up as you explore the truth in the KEY WORD. Write it out as you think it. You can articulate it better later in YOUR JOURNAL, OR RECORD IT and listen to it back, or play with it IN YOUR JOKE BOOK.
*EMOTIONALLY: “The reason a 40 year old who’s 19 emotionally can’t relate to a real teen is. One thinks Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is music, the other, anything by Twisted Sister.”
I can play with this! REMEMBER: Pick a story you care about, don’t worry about the funny, as long as you care about it the funny will come.
E MAIL ME if you have questions: