Daily Archives: October 9, 2014

Class I Continuing Education

1st, thank you, all of you for taking my class. I’m honoured. This is an introduction to stand up so please, let go and have fun.  2nd, my writing class is performing this Wednesday at Yuk Yuks at the Century Casino on Fort Road.  ( If you’re interested in taking my advanced class E MAIL ME: paulsveen@shaw.ca) Please come down all of you and see these new comedians, they’re amazing. This will also be the club you’re performing in, so it will give you a heads up of the lay out. Tickets are 5$ at the door. The show begins at 7:30.

THE CLASS HOME WORK:  1) Choose a story about something you over came, took a risk and did it anyway. This is about your INNER CRITIC. 2) Ask and Answer questions about some of the sentences in your story. 3) Put the premise/idea into a circle and Q and A from different perspectives. 4) Allow your story to be about 2 minutes. If you want- give the other people in your story THEIR OWN VOICE. Do an impression of them.

REMEMBER: I’ll be performing at the edmonton comedy festival next week. My times and dates are on my web site.

I’m also a nationally touring comedian. If you’d like me to appear at your Christmas party,  or share a KEY NOTE  or WORK SHOP at your event: E MAIL ME AT: paulsveen@shaw.ca

My next advanced writing class begins Monday January 26th. E MAIL ME for details: paulsveen@shaw.ca