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My Comedy Class. Class 1

I want to thank ¬†everyone who registered for my class, “thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing my class. I will give you everything you’re looking for, the skills, craft and courage to leap into what it is you’re working toward, ¬†I promise!”

All of you know you’re homework assignment, here’s a quick over view: you’re to take your classmates story and Question and answer the key words of their story. This is where we begin. You are now responsible for your classmate’s work. You’re going to spend the week working their story and this is how you’re going to do it:
1) Journal, 3 pages a day, mandatory 2) Record their story put on the head phones and listen to it, look for different points of view and ask and answer questions about them. 3) When you write a JOKE you like, ask and answer questions about the joke and again, from as many different points ( from the pets point of view, mother’s dad’s the neighbour. . .) as possible 4) Make sure you know the end of the story and give your closer some real effort.

REMEMBER: You can go off in tangents, be limitless in your quest top develop your classmate’s story because no matter where your hard work and creativity takes you, YOU’LL ALWAYS END BACK IN THE STORY!!!

HAVE FUN: Remember, I’m performing at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, spread the word please. Also, I WILL PERFORM AT YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY, talk to me about it or E MAIL ME and remember to tell your friends about your up coming performance at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club. Lets fill the club! E MAIL ME AT: paulsveen@shaw.ca