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Results Beyond Your Dreams.

Before I begin, you can see me on YOU TUBE and my web site PAULSVEEN.COM. I’m a professional Comedian and Public Speaker and educator as well as published author: “The Angel’s Claw.”                      If you’d like me to speak (KEY NOTE, STAND UP, HUMOUR WORK SHOP) at your event, company party, business meeting, conference, please  E MAIL ME:

Alright CLASS! Today we’re working on CLOSING JOKES.( We’re looking at our CLOSER and we’re going to TAG it. The TAGS we get from our closer will be inserted into our SET. We’re cloning the best joke in our set and INSERTING some of these TAGS into our FRAME.  We begin by looking within the STORY we’re working on. We take our closing jokes from THE FINAL POINT OF OUR STORY.  Everyone in my class, as I write out the final sentence in my story or (SET: We call the entire time you’re on stage, from opening joke to closer a SET) look at the last sentence in your story/ set  and write it out. Here’s my final sentence of FIGHTING MY DAD:                                                                       “The harder my dad tried to shake me off his leg, the tighter I locked my arms around his gut and pissed on his hip.”


We begin by ASKING  and ANSWERING  what’s really being FELT from MY perspective in the CLOSER.  (Why was I holding onto his gut? I’m trying not to get beat my dad. Why didn’t I fight back? I was a juvenile delinquent. I had no training. Why did I pee? when the screaming and crying stops is when the peeing starts. ( As I wrote I had no training,  I thought of a marine last resort fighting technique, spoke in a gruff Sargent  voice:                                                                                         “This is a last resort fighting stance we call, the ‘you’re in it, or ur-in-ating position. perfected in the 80’s by a juvenile delinquent named paul sveen.”

As we ask questions and answer them about our closer we’ll come up with material. REMEMBER TO ASK WHAT WE’RE RESISTING AND Q AND A THAT ALSO. JOURNAL JOURNAL JOURNAL ON THIS PLEASE!

LAST POINT: When our HABIT SWITCHES kick in ( think of all the times during our day when we zone out and unconsciously walk through moments: driving, eating, watching TV, working, tying our shoes, exercising. . .) We are on the stage what we are off of it. When you’re about to ZONE OUT,  visualize your set, feel it, see the material, look at the perspectives, voices, Q and A, ask what we’re resisting and fill the doors in the hallway with TAGS. Every time you’re about to slip into unconscious habit, REPLACE IT WITH THE MATERIAL YOU’RE PROUD OF, TAG IT, REHEARSE REHEARSE REHEARSE your set instead of SLEEP WALKING. This exercise will change your life. Replace your 20% unconscious  habitual sleep walking with 80%  conscious purpose driven results!  Build this habit and you’ll build the results and life purpose you dream!


Class 2 Assignments

First, remember I’m a nationally touring comedian. It’s that time of year where companies are finalizing their Christmas parties. If you’d like me to perform for your  company party, or would like me to share a Key note or Humour Work Shop with your group, please E mail me:

Second Class: I love this group. I absolutely love your courage and camaraderie all of you are showing and sharing with each other. I was really proud of your efforts in your last assignments. The set all of you TAGGED (building a set out of the your class mate’s set) was amazing. I also loved the light bulb moments all of you had with PERSPECTIVE!

CLASS 2 HOME WORK:  1) Create an opening statement from a moment from your life. ” This will help us build our OPENING JOKES for our set we’re performing on October 15 at Yuk Yuks in Edmonton.”  2) Find the emotions in the statement. 3) Ask and discover what we’re resisting in our statement. 4) I’m also going to introduce 2 JOKE writing styles: *SARCASM and *MIS-DIRECTION.

SARCASM: Explicit over the top exaggeration: “Oh my God that’s the worst hair cut in the history of man kind!” (The most common form of humour) We create SARCASM by simply being absurd and saying the most outrageous over the top statements.

MiS-DIRECTION: A punch line that we never expected. “My buddy tried to find his wife’s G spot. He looked in her purse, under the couch, turns out it’s in her cousin.” ( We find the MIS-DIRECTION by first locating the emotion in the story and then creating OPPOSING STATEMENTS, then, inserting material that’s attached or amplifies the PREMISE or FIRST STATEMENT. If this is confusing, it’s because this is the most difficult genre of STAND UP COMEDY. The best way to learn MIS-DIRECTION is to do it. Just have fun and don’t stop having fun.

Alright, I have a statement from my story. Lets work with this and you can apply what I did to my story to your story 🙂

“I hate going to the dentist.”  What’s the emotion(s) here? hate, fear, regret, anger. ( We find the TRUTH the BEST MATERIAL within our story when we locate the emotions in our story)

What’s the SARCASM HERE based on?  (We find the SARCASM by looking within my story and locating words attached to the Dentist: pain, expensive, sugar, habits, check ups, every 6 months, mouth damn, blood,  freezing, needle) and simply creating over the top statements about it. REMEMBER to look at all the different points of view in your story. With mine it’s the Dentist, the assistant, the people in the waiting room, my Wife. . .

SARCASM: “I hate going to the Dentist.”  1) “I go to the Dentist so much I think I might be addicted to pain. My next visit I’m showing up in a leather onesie and a gag ball.” 2) When I say I hate GOING to the Dentist I don’t mean the 20 minute  car ride sobbing on the way to Dr Shapiro’s death chamber.” 3) I’d rather take the pain of a tooth ache on a Mexican beach then have perfect teeth in Edmonton.”

MIS-DIRECTION: Look at your opening statement, locate the emotions and create OPPOSING STATEMENTS, then insert statements connected to the FIRST STATEMENT. 1) I hate going to the Dentist, the needles, the drilling, the pain. It’s so expensive. 2) The Dentist is so expensive, that’s why I scoff magazines from the waiting room, steal fists full of mouth swabs. It’s why I get put under, at least that way I have a chance of being molested.” 3) When I was a kid I got a dollar when I lost a tooth. The dollar would be under the pillow, in my pocket next to my tooth brush. I now think crack heads get money from the tooth fairy

REMEMBER: 3 to 4 minute set for next Monday CLASS 3, based on the opening statement from the story you chose. E mail me if you’re stuck. Also, check out my NOVEL, THE ANGEL’S CLAW  on my web site. I’m headlining the young guns show for THE EDMONTON COMEDY FESTIVAL AT THE RANCH ON September 24th. Check out “EDMONTON COMEDY FESTIVAL WEB SITE.  If you or anyone else needs me for their CHRISTMAS PARTY, E MAIL ME:


My Comedy Class. Class 1

I want to thank  everyone who registered for my class, “thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing my class. I will give you everything you’re looking for, the skills, craft and courage to leap into what it is you’re working toward,  I promise!”

All of you know you’re homework assignment, here’s a quick over view: you’re to take your classmates story and Question and answer the key words of their story. This is where we begin. You are now responsible for your classmate’s work. You’re going to spend the week working their story and this is how you’re going to do it:
1) Journal, 3 pages a day, mandatory 2) Record their story put on the head phones and listen to it, look for different points of view and ask and answer questions about them. 3) When you write a JOKE you like, ask and answer questions about the joke and again, from as many different points ( from the pets point of view, mother’s dad’s the neighbour. . .) as possible 4) Make sure you know the end of the story and give your closer some real effort.

REMEMBER: You can go off in tangents, be limitless in your quest top develop your classmate’s story because no matter where your hard work and creativity takes you, YOU’LL ALWAYS END BACK IN THE STORY!!!

HAVE FUN: Remember, I’m performing at the Edmonton Comedy Festival, spread the word please. Also, I WILL PERFORM AT YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY, talk to me about it or E MAIL ME and remember to tell your friends about your up coming performance at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club. Lets fill the club! E MAIL ME AT:

Joan Rivers, as good as it got

We lost an amazing comedian, JOAN RIVERS.  I never worked with her. I know comedians who have, Lars callieou and Brad Upton. That gives you an idea how good she was because she worked with some great comics.                                                                                                                              She wasn’t an old school comedian because she kept putting herself out in the frontier of STAND UP COMEDY.  She always went into the places others wouldn’t go: racism, aging, incest, death, politics, religion, the famous, the infamous. JOAN RIVERS didn’t think these premises were funny. She thought they were hilarious! And she just didn’t do jokes, she pushed the envelope and stayed in a premise until she was ready to move on. I really find that amazing, especially with the average comedian’s instincts to keep moving to the next premise or joke.

What I know about her. I watched her forever and read her books. I especially loved “Enter Talking” one of my favourite STAND UP COMIC BOOKS of all time.  The stories I remember from her were how her:  Father was going to have her committed when in the fifties she said she was going to be a comedian. How Jack Par was going to have her banned from LATE NIGHT TV for making fun of the mob. The joke she did was: “Have you heard about  Mafia math class? Tony has 10 fingers Vinny cuts three off. How many fingers does Tony have left?”  For some reason, this joke made Par lose his mind.

When JOAN auditioned for SECOND CITY they cut her audition short and asked her to leave. She left but came back with some ash trays began screaming and throwing the ash trays at the talent scouts. They were so impressed, they hired her. But the thing that really sticks with me is, when she began her STAND UP Career, the clubs were filled with men, who wouldn’t listen to a WOMAN. The audiences got louder, so JOAN would whisper. The lower she talked the more the audiences listened. Great advice, even today! Don’t be desperate, be yourself and share your craft with certainty.

We all listened JOAN. We listened to you for 40 plus years. You’re gone but we can still hear you. We’ll always hear you JOAN, always!

Writing Jokes. September 2/14

I’m sharing a comedy class beginning September the 8th and running until October the 8th. If you’re interested please E MAIL ME: 


Writing jokes: I like to occasionally, write jokes that are TOPICAL. What I mean by TOPICAL I mean NEWS OF THE DAY. The one item that got my attention was Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie getting married.  I love relationship material. They’re full of emotion. I begin writing jokes by first asking myself how I FEEL about the PREMISE.  Here’s what I came up with: About time they got married, they have 15 kids.                                                                                                                                   FIRST JOKE “They’re in a reality TV show. 15 and counting and when I say 15, I mean BILLION.”  

Back to joke writing. They called them Brad-Jolina, I like that better then the Pitts and there’s a joke here. I like that they live in France. Talk about commuting! Imagine being his buddy?                                     “You’re in Topeka he calls up and asks if you want to car pool. Sure, where are you?  Chamonix-Mont Blanc!”

When we write jokes and explore a premise, if you’ve been reading my BLOG, the real gold is in THE EMOTIONS  of the premise.  That’s where I’ll take us tomorrow.