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Tagging a premise.

IF you get a chance take a look at my Novel  “The Angel’s Claw.” on this web page.                                                                                                            TAGGING means to develop, work or expand on an idea. We had being playing with the premise: “The first time I was on stage I fell off of it.”  We’d looked at the KEY WORDS in our premise ( first, time, stage fell.) And began looking at these words as the PUNCH WORD in our jokes. let me give you an example of PUNCH WORDS.

“A lost travelling salesman asks a farmer if he can stay the night in his barn. The farmer says yes but the salesman had to stay in the barn with the Farmer’s 4 grown boys. The Salesman looks at the barn then to the farmer and says “I think I’m in the wrong joke.” ( The word JOKE is the punch word) And JOKE is the last word in the JOKE. Always try and have the PUNCH WORD at the end of the joke, if you put the PUNCH WORD in the middle, it’s a slow death to the end of the joke.

Our PUNCH WORDS are: first, time, stage, fell: Where do we begin? Ever hear the phrase I laughed so hard I fell off my chair? If we connect this phrase to our word STAGE, we end up with:                              “If you want someone to fall off their chair laughing, fall off the stage.”

How about TIME? What are the phrases of time? ( I like to use phrases. It’s the same as song writers using popular catch phrases: “Here For A Good Time,  Two Out Of Three Isn’t Bad.” When you hear the song, it’s already imbedded in you. So begin with the quotes and phrases around the word TIME: We’ll play with this word tomorrow.

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