Daily Archives: August 13, 2014

I felt numb when I heard Robin Williams passed. Then the news that he’d taken his life-crushed me.! I felt as if a large chunk of my life had been erased, taken like words off a chalk board . There hasn’t been a day of my life where Robin Williams wasn’t some where out there, performing doing what he did, being limitless.

And then he was gone! I heard how he’d taken his life, with a belt sitting in a closet, desperate to leave this world, leaving the opposite way he lived, adored, surrounded by fans, he died alone, forever remembered as a tortured soul forever alone.


That’s the thing about us, about humanity, we judge and point fingers and scream what we think the truth is. If someones spends their life making a difference no matter how they made a difference, with the homeless, with taking us away from our fears and worries if only a few hours, if this person becomes makes a mistake , they then are forever labeled as their mistake, alcoholic,  drug addict, unstable.

Our legacy is defined by the theme in our life our story. Robin could have remained in Comedy clubs never choosing to push himself outside his comfort zone but he did, movies, fund raisers, charities, never saying no, always yes, always giving.

No, Robin, you are not defined by how you died but by how you lived. Each and every time I think of you, I’ll see you on stage, your face lit in that massive William’s grin,  all of us giving you an ovation, you knowing in the moment, you’re home.

Rest in peace Robin. You’re finally home, just like you were in life. God Bless you.